the new promise to consumers of the Demain la Terre brand

“Let us rejoice in nature and man!” : the new promise to consumers of the Demain la Terre brand, the reference in the field of sustainable development and CSR for the fruit and vegetable sector

While the French food system faces many challenges in terms of agriculture and sustainable food, many French consumers now want to change their eating habits.

More and more concerned about eating well, a survey conducted by Kantar TNS shows that 63% of French people want to eat healthy and 59% in a balanced way.

But what can you do when you want to eat healthy AND pay the producers correctly? Why should you always compromise or be in doubt about the effect of your purchase? Can’t you just bite into an apple or cook a carrot without getting “take control“?

However, there is already a benchmark brand: the brand from Demain la Terre, the association of responsible fruit and vegetable producers and processors. This repository contains 70 criteria to meet the 3 challenges of sustainable development: environment, economy and social.

Although this brand meets the requirements of tomorrow’s agriculture and consumer expectations, it still suffers from a lack of “readability” due to its global nature.

So in 2022, Demain la Terre decided to respond to these challenges by revealing a new consumer promise: “Enjoy nature and the men!“.

Demain la Terre: The food label for responsible and sustainable consumption

Enjoy nature and the men , it’s a 100% positive promise! We want to highlight the notions of joy associated with the consumption of good products, recall our collective dimension, and also the two pillars of our approach, nature and all that it hides, as well as the people who work in it. and reap its fruits.

Marc De Nale Managing Director of the Demain la Terre Association

Enjoy nature and the men“is much more than a simple promise: it is also a call, an obligation and an invitation to act.

The idea is to move toward the best, to make progress toward the future, and to help without preaching. By moving forward, everyone, on a unified path for the benefit of all.

Demain la Terre’s raison d’être is to initiate change and engage with all those who love the earth and who are ready to build a new vision of things.

Thus, the Demain la Terre brand brings together farmers, producers and consumers who want eat better every day.

It was completed in late 2010 after 3 years of work and research with the best specialists (agricultural experts, nutritionists, farmers, analysis laboratories, etc.).

The developed standard shows requirements that are always higher than the applicable rules. Managed by an independent organization and with a commitment to continuous improvement, it is one of the most complete on all dimensions of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) (source: CTIFL, 2018) and its opportunities for improvement. evolution is clear.

Marc De Nale emphasizes:

The brand Demain la Terre? It is simply the CSR reference in fruit and vegetable growing! It embodies a third path with conventional agriculture and organic farming.

Fruits and vegetables rich in flavor, healthy and accessible to all

In order to build a long-term relationship of trust with all food players, including consumer players, Demain la Terre assumes strong commitments:

  • Keep everyone healthy

    Fruits and vegetables remain a real source of vitamins and antioxidants thanks to producers who are committed to preserving all the flavors and nutritional qualities of their products.

  • Encourage sustainable practice

    For many years, the association’s members have implemented virtuous practices to reduce their impact on the environment and thus preserve the planet (produce without chemicals, reduce the consumption of drinking water, etc.).

  • Products available to everyone

    Producers are committed to taking fair prices, both for them and for the consumer, so that healthy quality food is available to everyone.

  • Quality assurance of fruits and vegetables

    Controlled by an independent body, the Demain la Terre brand goes beyond the applicable rules and guarantees high quality requirements, regardless of the production method.

  • Promote the local economy

    In order to preserve the vitality of rural areas, producers are committed to all aspects of sustainable development (economic and social).

Clarity and transparency for a #FeelGood diet

The Demain la Terre brand is an advocate for sustainable development, as it includes:

10 environmental and societal themes :

• Reduce the use of pesticides, remove all traces of residues;

• Conserve water resources;

• Preserve soil quality;

• Protection of biodiversity and natural ecosystems;

• Reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;

• Reduce and recycle waste, limit the consumption of plastic material;

• Promoting a sustainable financial relationship with stakeholders;

• Develop a more humane business and community;

• Require the best raw materials (for processed products);

• Implement responsible recipes and processes (for processed products)

70 precise, objective and measurable criteria

These reliable and transparent criteria make it possible to provide concrete guarantees to all consumers.

And especially, they lead to significant and positive progress as :

• 30% reduction on average in the use of all types of pesticides over the last 7 years;

• Development of recycling, reuse and operation in a closed circuit to reduce water consumption;

Creation of 1,000 hectares of area of ​​ecological interest, ie. what corresponds to the Bois de Vincennes;

• Savings of 150 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, ie. the equivalent of 25 trips around the Earth by car;

• 100% recovery of production waste to combat food waste;

• …

Responsible agriculture also means informing and sharing!

Marc De Nale Managing Director of the Association Demain la Terre.

Want to know more about the Demain la Terre Association, the 10 themes in its guidelines, the producers and the measures taken to improve daily production and consumption?

Demain la Terre Sustainable Development Report 2021:

About the association Demain la Terre

Demain la Terre is an association law from 1901 of producers and processors of fresh fruit and vegetables, established in 2004. Its goal is to bring together companies of all sizes who want to think, experiment and develop: a future agriculture, a third way of organic agriculture and conventional and reasoned agriculture.

It now brings together 23 agricultural fruit and vegetable companies, united around the same vision of agriculture and sustainable development, combining environment / biodiversity, economics and social issues.

Demain la Terre also developed its own brand in 2010 to meet the 3 challenges of sustainable development with specifications, including commitments to funds AND results.

Nearly 220,000 tonnes of fresh or processed fruits and vegetables (juices, purees, coulis, compotes, etc.) were labeled in 2021, ie about 2% of French production (including potatoes). These are 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables (apple, carrot, potato, strawberry, lettuce, melon, endive, etc.).

Demain la Terre is also a community of consumers who are committed to expanding their civic obligations through food that respects producers, preserves health, the earth and its future, while enjoying affordable prices.

Demain la Terre is one of the founding members of the Collective of the Third Way of Responsible Agricultural and Agrifood Sectors.

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