Best Minecraft Cave Seeds for Rock and Java

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Caves received a huge overhaul in Minecraft patch 1.18, which added a number of underground biomes, including Lush and Dripstone caves. But when you spawn in the outside world, it is sometimes difficult to tell if you have a good cave seed or a bad one. We have taken the risk for you and listed the best Minecraft Cave seeds for you.

List of Best Minecraft Cave Seeds

  • Java 1.19
    • Jungle Cave Exploration: 7180157851369889166
    • Frozen Ocean Cavern: 4981516925953961499
    • Mini remote countries: -992714597311471801
  • Bedrock 1.19 (Note: Bedrock seeds work in Java, but they generate structures differently)
    • Instant Cave Seed: -1597699456
    • The cave below: -2395316354623700247
    • Liberation Mission: -8924217438600596583

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Best Minecraft Java Cave Seeds

Explore Jungle Cave

Seeds: 7180157851369889166

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An incredible mix of savannah and jungle biomes is dotted with huge caves leading into the darkness. But the most incredible cave lies a little further, under a giant hill in the jungle. Mine shafts cut a large system of lush caves with Dripstone right in the distance. A great place for underground adventure or cave digging!

  • Key locations
    • Fantastic cave: -105, 10, 788
    • Village on a network of caves: 239, 1127
    • Badlands and Red Sand Desert: 553, 668
    • Desert Village + Temple: 703, 327
    • Descending: 833.9

frozen sea cave

Seeds: 4981516925953961499

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What lies beneath the frozen sea? Well, a giant cave system in this case. This incredible cave system would be the perfect base with its built-in crowd generator and large open spaces. With only a small island of trees nearby, this would be a great challenge card for players who want to survive in a frozen wilderness.

  • Key locations
    • Spider Spawner Dungeon: 336, -32, -106
    • Lush Cavern: 244, -5, -99
    • Ocean Ruin: 377, -522
    • Mineshaft: 289, -18, -400

Mini Farlands

Seeds: -992714597311471801

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Farlands was a now-deleted Minecraft biome that originated at the edge of the world border. This seed reminds us of this amazing place because of its crazy rocks and its mix of tiny biomes. But the real adventure begins underground, with dozens of lush caves crossing stalactite caves, mine shafts and dungeons to form an incredible basement.

  • Key locations
    • Destroyed portal: 81, -279
    • Lush cave with entrance to mine shaft: 254, 10, -336
    • Shipwreck failed: 467, -685
    • Village: 66, -749

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Best Minecraft Bedrock Cave Seeds

instant cave

Seeds: -1597699456

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Can’t wait to get into a cave? This is the seed provided by the developer of Bedrock for Lush Caves, and you can be in the cave in seconds, giving you a spawn right next to two entrances. This seed also gives you early access to almost any type of tree right outside the bat, so if you want to build an underground mining system, this is a great place to start.

  • Key locations
    • Cave entrance: 17, 93, 15
    • By 1: 728, 628
    • By 2: 804, 73
    • Destroyed portal and sea ruins: 332, -520

The cave below

Seeds: -2395316354623700247

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A huge cave just below your starting point that covers almost the entire Plains biome above? Yes please! It’s a great start for someone who wants to create a huge cave base or open a cave in a massive crater. It’s also a good start for Minecraft traditionalists who want standard grass and trees and flatter soil to start with. But maybe this idyllic country is hiding something eerie? An abandoned village where villagers have apparently moved to the nearby valley may be hiding some secrets.

  • Key locations
    • Cave entrance: -7, 22
    • Abandoned Village: -463, 177
    • Gran Village: -867, 189
    • Giant Dripstone Cave Entrance: 211, 404

liberation mission

Seeds: -8924217438600596583

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An Illager tower with a village within reach of the crossbow is certainly a “bad omen”. The cave where the villagers have decided to build their home must be lucrative for them to have so many iron golems! Climb the hill and free Allay and Iron Golem to defeat the raiders. But in the long run, it might be better to migrate all the way into the cave. It’s a good idea considering there’s a huge underground system of tunnels leading all the way to Deepslate!

  • Key locations
    • Illager Tower: 152, 631
    • Entrance to the village and the cave: 239, 582
    • By 2: 681, 278
    • Illager Tower 2 with huge cave entrance: 501, -1017

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