everything you need to know before season 4

A few days before the release of season 4, back to what you need to know about the previous seasons of Westworld.

In a few days, Westworld reopens on HBO. After three seasons of close and intricate intrigue, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan’s series returns for a new series of episodes. While the appointment is set for June 26, then a look back at what you need to know before season 4.

Dolores is dead

Central character in the plot of the first seasons, Dolores disappeared in the finale of season 3. According to creator Jonathan Nolan, the character that we have been following since the beginning has actually disappeared. If Evan Rachel Wood still wants to be there, she should play new characters. In the trailer, we see her several times, in the skin of a certain Christina. This is a writer who lives in the big city. Note that multiple copies of Dolores are also scattered throughout. The original, on the other hand, should not get a new look.

Maeve changes sides

She has been through things since her first step in Westworld. The bereaved mother is motivated only by the prospect of being reunited with her daughter in the distant valley. After teaming up with Serac (Vincent Cassel), she finally turns around to help Dolores in her quest for freedom. After eliminating him, she seems to be very interested in Caleb. Its purpose is currently quite unclear.

Bernard in the distant valley

Bernard was more discreet in season 3 of Westworld, the double robot of the creator of the park has nevertheless obtained the precious sesame for the distant valley. After putting on his helmet, he was found in the post-credit scene in the same spot, covered in dust along with the rest of the room. He could thus have spent some time in this digital Eden. We can imagine the series following him again, but in the future. It is far from the first time Westworld have fun with time. A new double narrative could thus be on the program.

Still a lot of mystery around William

Well, we have to admit that the career of William alias The Man in Black is still pretty vague. While the series maintains doubts about its nature, host or human, this new season should make things even more complicated. After being at GQ in Delos, the man was left with a laceration to his throat after his confrontation with Charlotte Hale and a robotic version of himself. Is he really dead? We already know that Ed Harris will be on the cast for this new season. The question is: which of the robot or character that we have been following since season 1 will evolve before our eyes. One thing is for sure: we should learn more about his past.

Caleb at the checkpoint

Caleb is a human, but is also controlled by the Rehoboam computer. He actually discovered that he killed his best friend and was brainwashed. Before he witnessed Dolores’ disappearance, he had nevertheless gained control of the Rehoboam program.

Charlotte Hale in the host camp

Charlotte Hale is dead, but the character has returned to our screens thanks to a script. This is a copy of Dolores, who lost his mind when the memories of Hale reappeared. After killing (?) William, the young woman has clearly made it her mission to kill all humans to make the world safer for the hosts.

To revisit important footage from previous seasons, head over to the video below. Knowing that some viewers may have forgotten most of the series’ intrigue, the channel shared a summary in images of the first three seasons.

Otherwise, you can discover the first images of season 4. It will of course be a matter of exploring a new park, populated by gangsters. If there’s little chance we’ll find the dry desert off Westworldthe prospect of discovering a new universe is quite enticing.

It must be said that season 3 had a hard time finding its guideline, the turn towards science fiction was not easy for the series, let’s hope things get better with this new outbreak of episodes. In any case, the series should continue to give us a hard time.

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