Jasseriet du Coq Noir, in Saint-Anthème (Puy-de-Dôme), finds the party again on Saturday with a first concert

It is Tigadrine that will open the festivities of the new cultural season of jasserie du Coq Noir, in Hautes-Chaumes du Forez in Saint-Anthème, Saturday, June 25th, with its “desert groove”. “It’s Berbers arriving from Morocco,” explains Julien, co-director of the chat, “It’s going to be a nice evening. Ancestral Moroccan music served by the quartet who want to mix it with rock, funk or reggae influences.

Start of the 2022 season of Jasserie du Coq Noir, in Hautes Chaumes du Forez, in Saint-Anthème (Puy-de-Dôme)

Another evening concert Friday, July 1st with the Argentine tango Marcos: a journey guaranteed by music inspired by folklore and lyrics by acclaimed authors. Then add Dom and colleagues Friday, July 8th : World jazz blues, French song for an evening where the instrument will be in the spotlight.
Friday, July 15th, the evening becomes completely rocket. Two groups follow one another: the segments and their smart mix of powerpop, glam and rock’n’roll, then The Inner Beats to make you want to dance … THE SEGMENTS. – For a simple rock’n’roll night.

Friday, July 22nd, it is a surprising proposal that will be made to the public: The Song of the Frogs is a sung conference that should evoke a page in the history of Italy in the early 20th century. Popular songs recorded to make the voices of “southern soldiers” heard.

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La Sève, a favorite

To end the July concert series, Friday, July 29th, it’s La Sève who’s going on stage: “It’s one of our favorites, comments Julien, swaying music to a very dancing evening. »Original compositions to move to the rhythm of music inspired by Africa, Congolese soukous or Cameroonian bikutsi …

In August, first place on guitar, bass and vocals with the Phème duo. Then, Friday, August 12thit is La Miye aux Tiroir’s polyphonic songs and body percussion that will take us to the Arpitan territory, between France, Switzerland and Italy. Friday, August 19th, The Gaspard Baradel Quartet’s jazz will be interactive and inspired by great American artists. Finally, the polyphonic music of La fille du large will invite you to meet the sounds Saturday, August 27th.

Aperitif concerts

Alongside all these evenings, there will also be aperitif concerts at Coq Noir this summer: Thursday, July 14th, My candlestick friends, well known in the area, will make you dance to the sound of the Jew’s harp, harp, didgeridoo and djembe. On Thursday, August 4, it will be “like a karaoke” with La la’Itou, between guitar, accordion and voice to make you dance … Finally, Saturday, September 3rdwill on Thursday night’s five Auvergnats sing what will pass through their ears.LA LA ‘ITOU. – Three voices for an aperitif concert as karaoke.

Children will not be forgotten

For this new season, finally (usually) free of health restrictions, children will not be forgotten: Wednesday, July 13th, ApÖ from the firm Les Ailes de Samare will tell the story of this little boy whose life will take an unexpected turn. And Wednesday, August 17th, Adventure is for Hard Guys by La Fée Malou and Rémi Couzon will turn children into writers, actors, spectators or all three at the same time. For this show, everyone should bring an item that is dear to them.ADVENTURE IS FOR THE HARD. – A show that involves children.

Since a season at the Grand Genévrier would not be complete without a musette, Romain Voisset will invite you to dance during a ball, Saturday, July 30th. And the essential Gilles Clouvel is back with his orchestra on Saturday August 20. New this year, theater is also on the program with the Côté Cour collective: Friday, August 26thwith 4 to 4, a fracture that will loosen tongues, and four women from four generations will free their words.
To end this summer season, which looks to be in better shape, two groups take turns Saturday, September 17th : Ozengué and his Afrobeat then Les Rodriguez and their Punk bar. “We’re waiting impatiently for everyone,” Julien says. We hope we find the festive mood. »

Program. The program can be found in local shops and tourist offices and at www.coq-noir.fr. Info and reservations: Saint-Anthème tourist information on

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