Near Beuzeville, a new dog club is training puppies and sheepdogs

Border Collie Ix from Stéphanie Ruiz fixes the sheep during her shepherding exercise in Fatouville-Grestain. © EG

Ix, the 9-year-old border collie nicknamed “Tiny” by his mistress Stephanie Ruiz41, curls up on the grass and walks forward like a predator in front of the small herd of 14 soay sheepat Fatouville-Grestaini L ‘Eure. “Stop”! orders Stephanie Ruiz. The dog is freezing and still staring at the small herd that stands in a corner in a corner of the enclosure. “Right! Ix jumps up, and the sheep gallop off at breakneck speed across the field, surrounded by the shepherd, who sends everyone home to another place.” For the herd, we work with the dog’s predatory instinct. They are genetically programmed for that, ”explains the mistress to Ix, also chairman of the dog club, who has just taken up residence in the city.

Puppy School and Crew

Stéphanie Ruiz presents the interest in this practice, the shepherd :

Border Collies are fashionable dogs because they are cute but need agility, obedience or shepherd to keep them busy, or they may develop OCD and try to catch bikes and cars moving. That is why many end up in shelters.

Fjord driving will be offered as a discovery only for border collies of Entente cynophile havraise (it must change its name after the move), in addition to the puppy’s school, which will be its main activity.

First goal for the puppy school: develop your social skillswith people and other dogs so that they can understand and adapt to the situations in their lives: “to be pampered by strangers like the vet or the trimmer, to walk on a leash, to go out with his master, a human being who mows the lawn or rides a bicycle …” Cleanliness and simple orders are also taught.

that Saturday morning, volunteer educators trained with the Territorial Dog Center will give lessons to the puppies and their masters and will also prepare a weekly program for them. The club has 9 educators.

We are here to help people train their dogs, and especially to help dogs!

Stephanie Ruiz

Since raising her first dog 14 years ago, Stéphanie Ruiz has developed a passion for this activity.

Stéphanie Ruiz is the president of the Entente cynophile havraise, which has just settled in Fatouville-Grestain.
Stéphanie Ruiz is the chair of the Cynophile Entente. © EG

Agility competition

Rehabilitation of adult dogs is not the goal of the dog club.

Videos: currently on Actu

With a puppy we start from scratch! she explains. They have about four months of companionship, and after that they start to get scared.

Stephanie Ruiz

Therefore, they need to get used to humans, other animals and various stimuli very early on.

The Entente cynophile, born in 1989, has had up to 100 members in Le Havre. She simultaneously moved with a dozen of her members who settled, including the four other members of the committee: Fabien, Sophie, Bertrand, and Jennifer. The association would like to thank the municipality of Fatouville-Grestain, who made land available.

If the annual event is renewed, the kennel club wants to welcome it once a year in the future agility competition, where one hundred dog / champion duos will compete. The club also has a few licensees and in the sheep farm some appliances for the well-being and fun of fur companions!

Membership costs € 100 until the end of the year and around € 200 for the whole year. Membership provides access to puppy training classes on Saturday mornings, joint walks and kibble bookings. Contact: 06 43 48 44 53 or

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