Ornate. Since her medical studies, Audrey Patry-Poussin has been held in the medical desert

After ten years of studying medicine, Audrey Patry-Poussin settled down as a general practitioner in Saint-Germain-du-Corbéis on June 1, 2021. She looks back on her journey and this first year of exercise in a desert medicine she chose. © L’Orne Hebdo

She celebrated her 30 years, Sunday, June 12, 2022 but a few days before it’s another birthdayAudrey Patry Poussin celebrated: his first year of practice as liberal practitioner.

She put her stethoscope and blood pressure monitor in one of the health center’s offices Saint-Germain-du-Corbéis, near Alençon (Orne), June 1, 2021. After ten years of study.

A contract with the state

Why did you choose Ornerecognized as medical desert?

Because I was born in Condé-sur-Sarthe and my husband is in Alençon!

Audrey Patry Poussin

His Bakke S picked up at Alain d’Alençon gymnasietthe young Ornaise, who already was teenager lifeguardtowards Caen Medical School. If he needed it repeat first yearthe next nine went without a hitch.

From the second year, I decided that I wanted to be a general practitioner in Orne. I signed a contract for this purpose with the state.

Audrey Patry Poussin

Against one salary while studyingAudrey committed to work in a medical wilderness.

Out of a thousand students, seven of us benefited from this contract.

Audrey Patry Poussin

But general medicine attracted him above all “to be able to build a human relationship with patients, it is very rewarding”.

“Selected by default”

His three-year internship was marked by university courses and internships at Caen University Hospital. Those of internship that accounted for 100% of his time in internship took place in Orne and Mamers. In general practitioners, in the emergency room Alençon Hospital Center, at the Addiction Center in Mamers, in gynecology in Alençon, but also in “more rural areas” with GPs.

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A plurality of interventions that absolutely confirmed his choice. That of establishing oneself as a liberal and, preferably in a health center.

She chose Saint-Germain-du-Corbéis “because Dr. Nguyen offered me it after an internship at his office. It was this health center project that opened up and I really appreciated the team”.

One month before installation, it opened slots on Doctolib. And his colleagues from the health center have reserved their emergency rooms for him.

This is how Audrey met her first patients on June 1, 2021.

“They welcomed me well,” smiles the young woman. “But there are so many patients without a doctor that they have also chosen me as the standard,” she adds humbly.

The health center synonymous with flexibility

In the past year, she has made sure to increase her patient base “while monitoring appointment times”. Because Audrey does not want to exceed a waiting time of two weeks between two consultations of the same patient.

To this professional requirement she adds others, more personal. “The advantage of being liberal is that we work the way we want to. And the health center also allows for greater flexibility because there is always a doctor present. »

The image of the country doctor working 7.00 to midnight is banished from his sight. “I also have a private and family life,” she assumes.

To maintain this, she therefore allows herself one afternoon a week and devotes one morning to another activity: Coordinating a doctor at the Center for the Hearing Impaired, Celsa La Providence and Alençon.

find a balance

“Medicine is my job, but it’s not my life. Although when I practice my profession, it speaks for itself, I do so with envy and correctness. »

This view is shared all the more by the young generation of physicians as the profession becomes more feminized.

Today, 60 to 70% of medical students are female students.

Audrey Patry Poussin

And according to Audrey, “to work properly, you need a balance in your life”.

I can not be effective by being mobilized on my patients from kl. 8.00 to 23.00 non-stop.

Audrey Patry Poussin

She occupies her position so much the more because she has done so the choice to become a mother in her internship.

I told myself that over ten years of study, I was no longer within six months of building something.

Audrey Patry Poussin

Her little boy was born three years ago. Her pregnancy only had the effect of “postponing my completion of my studies by six months”.

Today, installed, she still does not put her personal life on hold. “I did not want too much distance between my children. I just had to anticipate my replacement.

It is done. Audrey agrees a maternity leave in August before giving birth to her second child in the fall.

“Medicine is evolutionary”

On the eve of celebrating her first light as a liberal doctor, Audrey Patry-Poussin validated a university degree in “child health”. This is to “improve in pediatrics”. And the young professional does not intend to limit himself to this single specialty.
“You can train for anything, throughout your career,” excites those who say “medicine is scalable”: “There are variations in the way things are done and the recommendations. For example, we hardly prescribe antibiotics anymore, whereas at one point it was almost systematic! ”

Goal: to profit

The female doctor from the 2020s therefore knows how to balance her private life and her professional life. Just as she already knows that she will give up her patient base at the time of retirement.

I no longer want to train as an 80-year-old, that’s for sure. I want to take advantage!

Audrey Patry Poussin

Of his children. And who knows, maybe even their descendants. But there again Audrey Patry-Poussin assures her: “I do not want to be their doctor either! My child, my husband and my family already have theirs. Because I want to remain objective in my diagnoses. And by mixing the affective into my job, I would be too scared to overfish or, on the contrary, miss something ”.

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