Bon Vivant and Abolis join forces to become European leaders in the production of animal-free dairy products

Bon Vivant is the first French foodtech start-up to combine European innovation and know-how; Abolis is a leading industrial biotechnology company in Europe.

Together, they are revolutionizing our production methods to offer animal-free dairy products, developed from milk proteins as a result of fermentation. Bon Vivant has chosen Abolis Technologies, a reference in the field of industrial biotechnology, to develop its production method of high quality sustainable milk proteins. As part of this collaboration, the two companies born in France will pool their expertise to mass produce these milk proteins and offer them to producers in the sector. After an initial fundraising of 4 million eurosBon Vivant is entering a new phase, the key to its development in the European market with the formalization of this partnership.

Helen Briandco-founder and director of innovation and production development at Well lived stated: “Our partnership was born out of the desire to offer on a large scale healthy dairy products with organoleptic and nutritional qualities identical to those derived from animals and available, the development of which must be done with respect for the environment. We are pleased to join forces to meet a global need: to feed a growing population while producing in a sustainable and more ecological way. Abolis’ highly specialized expertise will enable us to realize our common ambitions. ” , Valerie BrunelCEO of Abolis Biotechnologies explains: “Enriching and diversifying the range of protein sources while limiting our ecological impact is a major challenge for humanity’s future. Like our commitment to large industrial groups to offer them new production solutions that are compatible with “We want to help meet this new challenge. We are more committed than ever to our partner developing these new sources of protein and relying on their expertise to create healthy, accessible products that reflect our culinary culture.”

Abolis Technologies offers Bon Vivant its platform and expertise in precision fermentation for the production of milk proteins.

In 7 years, the number of entertainment in foodtech start-ups has multiplied by 55. As a French start-up, Bon Vivant wants to impose its alternative production model with the ambition of offering products with taste and texture, true to a European gastronomic culture based on know-how and tradition. Looking for highly specific expertise and a dedicated platform to develop its new method of producing milk-based proteins. Bon Vivant turned to Abolis Biotechnologie, which embodied the ideal partner. As a benchmark in a thriving industrial biotechnology market, the company already enjoys the trust of prestigious customers, including some large corporations that are world leaders in their field.

A sustainable response to the food and organic crisis to revolutionize the dairy market.

Made by Stephane McMillan and Hélène Briand, Bon Vivant positions itself in the European foodtech market to offer an alternative method of producing dairy products in a context of global food and organic crisis. By 2050, the demand for animal protein will increase by 50% to 100%. However, producing these protein sources represents a significant ecological cost that depletes our natural resources and endangers animal welfare. Through this collaboration, the two French companies develop a production process that relies on precision fermentation, thus drastically reducing the space and inputs needed to produce dairy products that are identical in taste, texture and intake, nutritional benefits of traditional dairy products .

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