Camping Normand, an oasis surrounded by nature

Situated on the shores of the lake of the same name, the Lac Normand campsite in the Saint-Maurice Game Reserve is an ideal destination for campers looking for a different experience.

It is truly a little paradise hidden in the middle of nature, which offers unique experiences. In addition to being able to camp on pitches that can accommodate different types of equipment, you have the opportunity to cultivate activities that only this reserve can offer you.

On the ground, which has almost 70 seats, there are thus loops that correspond to different types of equipment. Places 1 to 40 are places without services, within which there is a loop where campers can take their pets with, ie. places 1 to 17.

Space 41 to 47 and 70 allow for use ready for camp. Finally, the loop of places 59 to 68 can accommodate larger equipment, in places equipped with a service, water.

Everything is well thought out to allow you to settle down according to your needs, on these pages, which are designed in such a way that your privacy is preserved.

In the Dunbar Lake area, an easy two mile trail leads you to this place where you can admire the waterfalls and have a picnic.

Photo courtesy of Karl Tremblay

In the Dunbar Lake area, an easy two mile trail leads you to this place where you can admire the waterfalls and have a picnic.


For many people, animal sanctuaries automatically mean hunting and fishing. Over time, officials have developed other ways to visit these unique territories. The Lac Normand campsite is a good example.

This campsite, which is accessible via a well-maintained forest road, over a distance of 40 kilometers, has a lot to offer people who want to experience a real holiday.

The main attraction that we discover when we arrive at the place is the huge beach that awaits us. You would never think of discovering such a place in the middle of the mountains. Many campground owners, closer to civilization, would like to offer a similar one to their visitors.

On site there are games for children, pedal boats, paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, everything you need to engage in water activities.

Hiking enthusiasts will love various trails ranging in length from 2 to 18 kilometers, both for people who just want to stroll and for those who want to challenge themselves. Some are accessible from the campsite, while for others you have to move around the area.

Among these places is Dunbar Falls, which is very popular. A two kilometer long path leads you to a unique nature area where you can have a picnic. This is just an example of what awaits you during your stay.


For people who do not want to invest in camping equipment, the ready-to-camp formula that the reserve offers is without a doubt the ideal solution.

There is no question of lugging a lot of luggage, kitchen items or anything else with you. In these units, which are eight in space and can comfortably accommodate four people, you will find two double beds with mattresses and pillows, dining table with chairs, extra heating, small refrigerator and stove outside, lamp batteries, toaster, kettle and coffee maker, crockery, utensils, pots, as well as wood and dishwashing liquid.

So for a stay in this type of equipment, you must bring your food, your tea towels, sleeping bag or sheets, pillowcases, clothes, towels and body soap, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, flashlight and lighter. It really is a friendly way to experience a camping stay in this unique place. The beach will definitely be a great asset for children who will be able to have fun there without any problems.

You need to know that for your toilet and other needs there is a sanitary block which is adjacent to the square. Also in the caretaker’s reception station you will find foods and materials that you may have forgotten. You will be isolated in the forest and so far from civilization.

On the reserve there are two other official campsites in the sectors Lac Dunbar and Lac Tousignant. They are more limited in their offerings. The traffic is very good throughout the area so you can reach the various places of interest.

So if you want to experience a camping adventure in this reserve, at the famous Lac Normand, just call the reserve office at (819) 646-5860 or go to the official website, under the tab Saint-Maurice Game Reserve.

You will definitely find what you are looking for and above all you will be able to enjoy a very special place, surrounded by nature.

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