“Sahara Paradise”, the many facets of an enchanting region

Published in Spanish under the title “Sahara Paraiso”, the new book album with photographs by Abdellah Doulfikar is ready for distribution in Morocco in Arabic and French.

“Sahara Paradise” was born after ten years of repeated stays, in the south of the Kingdom, by the artist-photographer living in Spain, Abdellah Doulfikar, who from his first trip was fascinated by the magic and natural wealth of the Sahara. “The idea for this book was triggered by a trip to Guelmim with Spanish friends, where I discovered the Taghjijt region. I came back to the same place to discover the local traditions, the way of life of the inhabitants, their tolerance, their generosity and their openness to This encouraged me to visit other cities and regions in the south, especially Laayoune, Dakhla, Tarfaya, Tan-Tan, Sidi Ifni … I discovered a different Sahara than the one I had in mind and I wanted to share the pictures, I said that the Sahara is not only made up of desert and dunes. But it is a set of magnificent landscapes, of which the dunes represent only 20% “, indicates the artist Abdellah Doulfikar, whose many trips were strewn with surprises, such as his discovery of a large banana farm a few kilometers from Tan-Tan, oases of palm trees along the entire Oued Drâa, among others. “I also found oases that go back to pre-history in the Tafilalet region.

Next to it, there are millions of palm trees, which play a very important role in the fight against desertification. I was also struck by the existence of ancient cities south of Oued Drâa, which show the roots of Sahrawi civilization, then the incredible wealth of heritage. Without forgetting the many lakes in different regions of the Sahara, which welcome different bird species ”, the author of the book clarifies. So through these images, Abdellah wants to give a different vision than the one that the West shows on the Sahara through degrading things. I want to discover the development that the Moroccan south is experiencing, especially with renewable energy, the expansion of agriculture, natural bird sanctuaries … “As I also work on social networks to have a special page about the Moroccan Sahara and all the riches it possess, through the pictures I took during my many travels “.

Photos that immortalize landscapes, places and a civilization that many people do not know perfectly. Images that tell the Moroccan Sahara with its fauna, its flora, its oases, its golden dunes, its white beaches, its wild beaches, its nature reserves, its ecological environments with white sand, crystal clear water, unique fish and colonies of migratory birds. Isn’t that a real paradise? This project is an initiative that erases many stereotypical images spread by foreigners who only saw the Sahara on its desert side. Which is not the case with the real Sahara, which the artist photographed and presented in a book. “Sahara Paradise”, published in Spain, thus represents a wonderful journey into the heart of the Moroccan Sahara, reflecting the enchanting beauty of the landscapes of the South, through 112 unpublished photos (large format) spread over the 160 pages of this book, which encourages us to discover these wonders. According to Doulfikar, “These images are reminiscent of the world of fairy tales and discoveries and tell what can not be written or described about the desert of southern Morocco. The Moroccan Sahara is more than a desert, it is a paradise,” he says.
Recall that a first selection of images gave him the opportunity to create an exhibition at the Huelva Museum in Andalusia in 2019, which was well received by professionals and the public.

The authors’ biography

Native of Casablanca, Abdellah Doulfikar, known in Spain as “Dulfi”, has been living in Huelva, Spain since 1989, where he developed an intense professional and creative activity in photography.
His career has been fruitful in individual and collective exhibitions in both Morocco and Spain, whose themes have been well received by audiences and photography specialists. When he stood out for the creation of companies in Huelva, Isla Cristina, Moguer, Mazagón and Palos. Which has earned her significant accolades for her merits in creative photography, including the National Photography Award from the MXA Foundation “Woman for Africa” ​​(2017), Certificate of Excellence from the “Atelier de l ‘art of photography” (2017), the first prize in the eleventh competition “Friends of the Museum” (2020).

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