Communicate anywhere with the Vasco Translator M3 travel voice translator

Summer is approaching and you are planning to go abroad? Translate your conversations, phone calls or even text taken from a picture with Vasco Translator M3, a instant voice translator efficient, simple and intuitive. Right now you can take advantage of an additional 10% discount on your voice translator with the code 20MINUTES.

Traveling: an opportunity to discover the world

Vasco Translator M3 Travel Voice Translator – DR

Traveling is essential to learning, escaping, to discover new horizons, or even to rediscover themselves. In fact, the tour allows you to learn more about different cultures, customs and beliefs, but also on life forms that are sometimes the opposite of ours. It is also an option few friendsand of build relationships individuals with their travel companions. Living a travel experience, going to unknown countries, also gives a wealth of emotions, from joy to fear.

But if cutting the ties to your daily life during a journey can bring mixed feelings, it also gives the satisfaction of having succeeded. Nevertheless, all this is far from being an exhaustive list of the benefits of traveling. It’s actually there thousand and a reason to go on a tripand they are specific to the individual.

Experience the essential Vasco travel voice translator

Do you dream of traveling, but the language barrier holds you back? Vasco Electronics has created a device specially designed for you. Its instant voice translator, Vasco Translator M3, will put an end to your fears and accompany you on all your trips abroad.

This important device supports more than 70 languages: it allows you to communicate with more than 90% of the world’s population and gives great freedom to your destinations. Vasco Translator M3 works in almost 200 countries, on GSM, without requiring access to Wi-Fi Thanks to an included SIM card, you can use it indefinitely for life and in total autonomy, as it is used alone. It offers one fast translation (less than 0.5 seconds), accurate and perfectly audible thanks to its speakers and pronounced aloud by a native speaker. Likewise, its microphone allows for noise reduction optimal voice recognitioneven when you are in a noisy environment.

Vasco Translator M3 Travel Voice Translator
Vasco Translator M3 Travel Voice Translator – DR

Ingenious features for your instant voice translator

During your travels, you may need to read the menu at a restaurant or even informative signs during visits. Good news, so does the Vasco Translator M3 photo translator so you can simply enjoy your stay.

It also has one “MultiTalk” app to give you the opportunity to do so follow conversations with othersand in different languages. This option is especially interesting if, for example, you are traveling with a tourist guide who needs to cater to groups of people from different countries. You can also translate phone calls thanks to that “TranslaCall” function. Simply place the Vasco Translator M3 next to your phone and turn on the speaker, it will translate both the caller’s communication and yours.

It allowssave translationsof generate transcripts, and send them if necessary. via e-mail. So you can use it for business meetings. Finally, this travel voice translator allows you to select language by voice recognition in a simple and intuitive way.

Where to travel with the Vasco Translator M3 voice translator?

Vasco Translator M3 allows you to cross the globe in its entirety. Travel alone, with family, with friends or during organized stays with everything inclusive without any barriers thanks to yours travel voice translator.

You can e.g. discover Spain, its warm and dynamic culture, Gaudí’s works in Barcelona, ​​stroll through the Parc Güell or sunbathe on the white sandy beaches of San Sebastian. To travel in time without missing a beat, your instant voice translator can also accompany you in Greece, explore the archeological site Epidaurus, the Acropolis or even the Panathenaic Stadium. The country also has magnificent beaches, such as the Navágio beach on the island of Zante. Finally, Italy is the preferred destination, especially for a romantic stay. You can admire Venice’s architecture during a gondola ride or visit the inevitable Piazza del Duomo in Florence, and especially the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Set no barriers to your travel desires this summer: go to the other side of the world with complete peace of mind if you wish, and make the most of your stay abroad with your indispensable instant voice translator, Vasco Translator M3. Take advantage of an additional 10% discount with the promotion code 20MINUTES.

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