Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG

Orlando is an extraordinary city that is recognized worldwide for its amusement parks, and is without a doubt the largest tourist destination in the United States. Whether it is a family trip or a romantic trip, this gem has everything you need to make you spend unforgettable moments. So what are the best places to visit while in Orlando? Discover the tourist assets of this city located in Central Florida.

Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG
Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG

Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG

Must-visit theme parks in Orlando

This large region is home to the most famous theme parks in the world. It should be noted that many tourists choose to visit this city just to admire these parks.

Walt Disney World Resort Park

This huge theme park contains 4 magnificent separate Disney parks.

Hollywood Studies

It is a giant amusement park intended exclusively for the cinema. It also has large performance halls, attractions for adults and children as well as parades.

Animal Kingdom

A zoo is located in the middle of the zoo and amusement park. Here you will find a number of different animals and a bright artificial design. This park has more than 1,700 animals (lions, monkeys, hippos, elephants, etc.). You can therefore arrange a safari on board a bush vehicle during your holiday.


This amusement park offers tourists the latest technological advances and very interesting attractions such as a space shuttle simulator.


This theme park has dozens of classic rides, slides and an excellent castle.

In addition, this resort includes two water parks (Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon), as well as a wealth of restaurants and luxury accommodations. It has the necessary equipment to allow you to spend magical moments. On sunny days you can enjoy these wave pools.

Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG
Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG
Orlando Universal

Universal Orlando Park is a center reserved for Hollywood cinemas. It has two large theme parks and a water park. Universal Studios park is one of the biggest attractions in this mythical city. This amusement park opened in Florida in the 1990s. It should be noted that this structure has become a large establishment due to its development.

The Islands of Adventure Park has all the essential elements that an amusement park can have to amaze its visitors. If you are looking for new experiences, take advantage of these many impressive attractions. In fact, to experience moments of intense happiness in Orlando, this space is the only address.

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The park offers attractions such as the dizzying fall, the stalemate and more. It should be noted that it is not designed for children, but for adult movie lovers. Volcano Bay, meanwhile, is a water park with a tropical decoration. Yet all these entertainment activities are grouped around a confusing artificial volcano.

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Sports activities in this region

Orlando offers its visitors a wealth of very varied relaxation activities and moreover at a lower price. It is especially famous for its green areas, which are perfect for playing golf. It also has a dozen golf courses scattered throughout the city.

As for other sports activities, you will also not be disappointed until you reach your flight at the international airport after your stay. In addition, you can take advantage of your landscape change to participate in football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball and more.

the world of the sea

Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG
Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG

Seaworld Orlando is also one of the most impressive and important parks in the city of Orlando. It allows tourists who are not afraid of water the opportunity to engage in more entertaining activities. In addition, this center is an ideal place for your children as they can watch several animals such as whales, orcas and dolphins.

The park contains particularly impressive slides as well as very fast water slides. You can also participate in impressive shows with dolphins, sea lions, etc.

Wonders of Historic Downtown Orlando

Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG
Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG

If you are looking for a quiet downtown getaway for a leisurely weekend getaway, consider downtown Orlando. It is located north of Orlando and its beautiful and large parks. It houses a skyscraper with more than forty apartments. It also contains restaurants, offices, gyms, banks, etc.

In addition, you will see more entertainment activities just like on the long international drive. Even better, you will find the magnificent Lake Eola where you can enjoy some very beautiful views.

The beautiful natural spaces around Orlando

In addition to amusement parks, you have the opportunity to visit many other places during your vacation in this region. You will no doubt find admirable natural sites where several wild animals live. However, there are several ways to discover these amazing places.

Airboat trips in the swamps

Airboats are very small boats that operate with a large mounted propeller that looks like a fan. They can easily cover a long distance and make it easier to cross swamps without damaging the vegetation in the water. When you go on trips during the day, you can better view the landscape and even take amazing pictures. As for night trips, they allow you to see alligators. In fact, you can quickly see them because of their eyes, which reflect the light from the spotlights used by the airboat.

Quad tour

For quad rides in Orlando, go to the Revolution Off Road Center. They are carried out in small forests or on muddy soil. These tricks are messy but very entertaining. The on-site team welcomes you and even offers archery sessions.


In Forever Florida Park you can go on very interesting horseback riding. During this walk you will cross forests, fields … In addition, you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the landscape, alligators, panthers and even deer.

Balloon flights

These flights are ideal and suitable for Orlando due to the climate that the activity requires. They offer you a beautiful view of landscapes, lakes and forests. You must definitely try it during your next stay in Orlando.

The I-Drive 360 ​​complex to spend a dream evening

Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG
Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG

If you want to spend an evening with your family to enhance your vacation, the I-Drive Center is a great place. Built in 2015, it currently houses 3 magnificent attractions, all located in the complex. It’s about :

● Orlando Eye Ferris wheel;
● Madame Tussauds Museum;
● Sea Life Aquarium.

It should be noted that this establishment offers a wide range of benefits to visitors. First, the attractions are nearby. So in fractions of a second you can leave the Orlando Eye Ferris wheel for Madame Tussauds and vice versa of your choice. In addition, the visit to the 3 attractions in the center takes around 1h30 to 3 hours.

As for the other benefit of this center, a single ticket gives you access to all the attractions. It must be said that the I-DRIVE complex is an ideal center for children. It remains open after 6 p.m. 23:00 unlike other parks. As for meals, do not worry as there are several restaurants on site.

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Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG
Experience the city of Orlando with TourMaG


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