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The walks to the taste of the day will be nurtured by nature. Plants, flowers, herbs, leaves, honey … Nature, incredibly rich, offers us something to eat in all seasons. In the plains, forests, mountains, in wet or dry areas there is always something to harvest.

If the practice of wild picking remains quite “secret” today, the pickers multiply for the purpose of: food autonomy and healthy eating. The current trend is “green”, but feeding nature goes back much further.

In the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the Massif Central is the most important area for wild picking. There are all kinds of plants and flowers: gentian, meadow sweet, arnica, violets, wild garlic, fragrant wreath, wild fennel…. Which are then tasted fresh, dried to make herbal teas, converted into jelly, jam or macerate.

Observing, tasting and respecting nature is Guy Lalière’s lifelong passion. This gourmet botanist decided to make his passion for nature his job. He likes to have a lifestyle in harmony with her, to share his knowledge, to pick wild plants and cook them.

Guy takes a group today to Saint-Genès-Champanelle, near Clermont-Ferrand, in locality Nadaillat. It is at an altitude of 900 meters that the botanist and his apprentices will walk while learning to recognize edible plants and pick them and then prepare a solid and gourmet meal 100% natural! On the menu that day: un nettle pesto, salted butter with garlic mustard, a wild salad with dandelion, young lime leaves, soft straw, garlic mustard. But also plantain leaf fritters and other wild dishes.

It is in Cézallier in Rentières that Cécile settled down to live her new life. After 28 years as an accountant in Clermont-Ferrand. Cécile now offers rooms, picking workshops and transforms the fruit of her wild harvest.
Cécile has always been close to nature. As a child, her grandmother took care of her with plants, which she dried in the family attic. Cécile likes to pick plants, flowers and wild fruits to turn them into preserves, jellies, herbal teas or syrups.
Today, Cécile makes a 100% natural herbal tea called “À fleur de peau” made from lemon balm, yarrow and wild pansy.

Manon is based in Saint-Genis-Laval in the suburbs of Lyons. It was after graduating as an architect in Grenoble and graduating that the young woman decided to give her life a different meaning. Manon has always loved nature, had an appeal to the agricultural world, organic, healthy and local food.

Although Manon grows a few aromatic and medicinal plants in her garden, her main activity is picking flowers, plants, fruits and leaves in the middle of nature. Only in places that are protected and away from pollution with a rule: choose according to the season! It is nature that dictates its activity.

On the program for the day, a collection of poppy leaves to make a sweet syrup.

Élisabeth Taillandier, who lives in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes, is part of the 4th generation of beekeepers in her family. The work with bees was obvious to Elisabeth, who did not see herself pursuing another profession. It was his father and his grandfather who transferred this passion and this know-how to him. Today, she pampers her hives and bees daily and is an ardent defender of bees because “it is the insect that feeds us”.
Elisabeth has 250 hives, which produce about 4 tons of honey each year. Its hives are located in different sectors (in the plain, in the mountains, etc.) to get different honey: spring honey, acacia honey, raspberries.
For Hiking, Elisabeth will collect dandelion honey, which can be recognized by its golden color and which has the special thing about marrying both salt and sweet.

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