the Norwegian recipe for living happily thanks to nature

It is a reconnection to nature promoted to status as a lifestyle among Scandinavians. that “outdoor life”, which literally means “outdoor life” in Norwegian, is a true art of living which consists of stay in nature to ease your mind and interrupt. Living outside to be happy is therefore the philosophy of life that “outdoor life” advocates. If we begin to know “coziness”, a Danish lifestyle that consists of enjoying moments of coziness and coziness at home to promote well-being, we are less familiar with this Norwegian lifestyle called “outdoor life”.

A fusion relationship with nature to be happy

The word first appeared in the poem by a famous Norwegian playwright named Henrik Ibsen in 1859. There he described a protagonist’s need for isolation to reflect in nature. The Norwegians are also real fans of outdoor trips, whether it’s for walking, fishing, skiing or even just reading. You need to know that there is libraries and outdoor day care institutions in the country to introduce children to outdoor life from an early age.

To better understand this philosophy of life, Medisite has compiled the 64-year-old Finnish Ulla’s trust, which explains his fusion relationship with nature. A Scandinavian way of life that she has kept since living in France. Ulla shares this relationship with nature, which the Norwegians have, who according to her are “very patriotic” and want to highlight their natural heritage. “When you read the Nordic authors, you realize that nature has enormous significance. They have a huge vocabulary to describe nature“, She points out.

When I was a child, I lived in nature


From Kotka, a city in Finland located in the southeastern part of the country surrounded by the sea, Ulla has always lived in osmosis with nature. “When I was a child, I lived in nature. My parents had a cottage surrounded by meadows with the sea nearby”, Ulla remembers. Every weekend it is the indispensable meeting place for his family, which is in this little shed without water or electricity. immersed in the heart of Finnish nature. “It was my paradise, I spent my childhood barefoot without any restrictions. Nature was ubiquitous and we went there regardless of the weather, whether it was raining, windy or cold“, she remembers.

A contemplative lifestyle in harmony with nature

A childhood that struggles with the wild life that created in her a carnal and passionate relationship with nature. She remembers how her father sometimes left her alone all day in this secluded hut unattended.

I looked at the trees, I was very sensitive to the raindrops on the leaves. I stood there reading


A contemplative, almost meditative lifestyle which is based on restoring the connection to nature. “My father dropped me off in the morning and picked me up in the evening. I was alone, strolling and hanging out in the cabin. I liked it when it rained, I loved there was a tile roof and I heard the raindrops on it. I looked at the trees, I was very sensitive to the raindrops on the leaves. I stayed there and read a book, ”Ulla remembers.

A love of nature that has never left her and that she believes is deeply connected to her country of origin, Finland. “The low, nature is ubiquitous since childhood. I have memories of the Christmas crib in the middle of the forest. We were already outside all the time making roadblocks. That’s how we were brought up, ”she says. She explains that in Finland and throughout Scandinavia “people come home from work much earlier so often after eating with my parents we had to land on a rock to look at the sea“.

Outdoor life: a source of well-being and coziness

Being one with nature is for her today a source of well-being and comfort. “When I’m not feeling well, I swim, I stay in the sun. I think the hot cold also reminds me of the traditional Finnish sauna ”. Virtues scientifically demonstrated since in a study published in the specialized journal Public health in practiceshows researchers from the Japanese University of Tsukuba benefits of a walk in the woods or in green areas can have in stress reduction. This would strengthen our resistance to anxiety.

I feel like I am throwing myself into the arms of my country


ONE experience of fusion with nature and its land sometimes very strong. Ulla especially remembers her dives into a lake near her cousin’s Finnish farm. “After the sauna, it is the first dip in the lake, naked, the highlight. I feel like I am throwing myself into the arms of my country. I’m part of that nature”, Explains the Finnish-foreigner in France.

Practice originated in Japan, today sylvotherapy is very modern. It denotes a care practice in contact with trees, which aims to de-stress and feel more well-being. A habit that Ulla has already had for many years. “When I think of Finland, I see the pine trees and their trunks golden in the sun, and it makes me want to hug them. You merge with nature“Ulla is in favor of a simple lifestyle. According to her, this connection to nature is” very calming and allows you to disconnect from everything “.

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