YouGov analyzes Gen Z’s travel motives

This report aims to understand Gen Z as a whole, explore what is important to them and what drives them, reveal what Gen Z wants from travel, and identify the best way to connect and connect. engage with this future generation of travelers.

Data show that the propensity to travel in the next 12 months is highest among 18-24 year olds. This generation will shape their attitudes towards travel over the next few years, and it is extremely important for travel brands and marketers to get to know and track their travel preferences, in order to strategize the winner; the positive associations that brands create today will be translated into commitment, trust and purchase, now and in the years to come.

Generation Z represents just over a quarter of the world’s population, or 2 billion people worldwide. They represent a significant part of the world’s population and future workforce and will shape tomorrow’s travels. It is therefore important to understand the concerns and motivations of Gen Z travelers to help destination and travel brands better connect with this desirable cohort and identify how these attitudes and behaviors will shape the global travel industry.

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Here are the key findings from the report:

– Generation Z young people are generally young people who are about to start their first job or have just finished high school or university

-The environment and the importance that governments attach to climate change is one of their primary concerns

-63% of this population is worried about the time they spend on social networks

-It is an educated generation that is aware of nearby lifestyle events and events, they like to read books also against what you might think

-Gen Z has at least one trip planned for the next 12 months

-Health risks and the price offer are the first two obstacles to travel for this generation

-40% of this population prefers a standard hotel of 3 stars or less

-While the price is a major barrier for Gen Zers, they are open to more premium experiences in their repertoire of accommodation types. Destinations and tour operators must therefore offer a wide range of accommodation options to Gen Z, taking into account budget, unique and exclusive accommodation offers.

– The 3 best types of stays are: ecotourism or volunteer programs, artistic events and adventure trips

-They are looking for unique experiences that represent the culture of the destination country, prefer accommodations with an environmental charter and prefer to spend their budget with local tour operators

As Gen Z young adults grow older and join the workforce, start earning stable wages and have a disposable income, their preferences and attitudes will solidify over time. For marketers in the travel industry, it is very important to understand how this generation responds to various levers such as price and branding, in order to maximize their investment effort around what matters. more for Gen Z. Especially for marketers, it will be absolutely necessary to understand how to interact with this group of travelers. They are sociable, want to be entertained and expect personalization and unique bespoke offerings. Building strong, positive brand associations is a long-term effort, and with Gen Z, it’s time to start!

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