the right height to mow your lawn

In the summer it is a pleasure to breathe in the freshly mowed lawn! Only, it should not be cut too much to respect biodiversity. Here’s how you do it.

Not mowing your lawn in the summer promotes biodiversity while creating a very beautiful country garden! However, an uncut lawn does not suit everyone ‘s taste and to prevent fire outbreaks, tall grass must be cut in the summer. However, be careful not to mow the grass too close to the ground.. In fact, a host of insects live beneath our feet.

Clear cutting puts the insects that live in our lawns at risk

The Bird Conservation Association does not recommend mowing the lawn too short, as this endangers the lives of insects and other living organisms on it. While many gardens have a beautiful lawn, be aware that it may not be an ally for animals. To allow hedgehogs, snails, amphibians, insects, birds and other animals to live peacefully there, remember not to mow the grass too short.

In fact, the knives that lie too close to the ground directly kill and damage all of these animals without us being able to realize it. Moreover, in recent years it has been observed that the number of insects is declining. Start pruning from the end of July when the flowers are seeded. Wild flowers are food for insects and small animals, so it is better to preserve them.

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How to mow the lawn in the summer?

To respect living organisms in the wild, it is better not to cut short grass. When mowing your lawn, remember to cut to a height of 7 or 8 cm. In this way, insects living in the soil can grow in peace. You can also use the Mulching system, which is found on the lawn mowers. The latter makes it possible to avoid the grass catcher and save up to 30% of the time during mowing. In addition, it fertilizes the lawn naturally thanks to the soil. So you get a completely natural fertilizer.

To give the insects time to reach their shelter, start by cutting the center of your land and then end at the borders. You can also walk in your lawn before mowing grass, to scare the little animals away that are there.. Remember to look under dead leaves or hedgehogs, if there are no hedgehogs there you can also spot a cave. Do not use robotic lawnmowers at night as they can kill nocturnal animals.

The right height for mowing

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Encourage the wildlife in the gardens

If you want to accommodate more animals in your garden, feel free to leave several areas with tall grass. This will allow the animals to take refuge there. Caroline Caironi, landscape architect at Gard in the Terracoopa cooperative, created the company “Les Herbes Folles”. It encourages the practice of differentiated lawn mowing, as reported by 60 million consumers.

The idea is to keep uncut areas, such as the edges of the garden, or around trees, which are spaces less used by individuals. “, Caroline explains. By stopping mowing, we realize that many plants can grow in these spaces, such as poppies, dandelions or even daisies. These flowers are simply spread by birds, but also pollination. To promote wildlife in the gardens, you can also plant wildflowers in certain areas. Consider creating a land hedge by choosing several species and not just one. Make a grassy level, another composed of shrubs and finally one last with different shrubs. Also leave dead wood for animals.

Note that uncut grass keeps the soil at 19.5 ° C, while the grass cut to 10 cm will raise the soil temperature to 24.5 ° C. Finally, bare soil can raise the thermometer to 40 ° C.

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