Hard to keep your pet in Rimouski in the summer

Every June 25, World Pet Abandonment Day aims to raise awareness on the eve of the holiday.

However, Rimouski dog owners will encounter a limited dog boarding offer.

Not surprisingly, the short and long term dog boarding house, Eastern Quebec Dog Specialist in Saint-Fabien, has been full since spring.

The announcement of the lifting of health restrictions at the borders encouraged many lower Laurentians to plan vacations outside Quebec. People have been booking a lot since March as there are fewer health restrictionsnotes Joanie Alain, co-owner of the Saint-Fabien pension. Usually it’s in May we start saying we’m done, but this year it was a big boomshe says.

Joanie Alain (left) and Josianne Roussel (right), owners of the Eastern Quebec Dog Specialist in Saint-Fabien, are sold out this summer.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Perrine Bullant

Sometimes, at the last minute, I have a cancellation, and depending on whether it’s a big or a small dog, I may have a small place, but … It’s already very busy for the summer of 2022adds his partner Josianne Roussel.

Home visits

For cats and rodents, holidaymakers can also opt for home visits.

The owner of Tou-tou chez vous in Rimouski, Jamie Robinson, notes the increase in childcare requests since the pandemic: humans have adopted a lot of animals during the pandemicshe points out.

Claudine Poulin has chosen to welcome a babysitter to keep her dog Zeus at home during her holiday in Europe.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Perrine Bullant

Zeus will not accompany his mistress Claudine Poulin, who is flying to Europe for three weeks. During his absence, his Australian shepherd will be looked after in his home by a student from Rimouski.

She adds that she preferred him to stay in his environment. There he will sleep in his little bed, he will have control and then I have a huge fenced plot, he will be able to run and continue his lifeshe rejoices.

I looked around and did not really have any friends who could guard Zeus. Either they had cats or already animals, so it was complicated, contextualizes Claudine Poulin.

Beware of unrecognized services

As childcare options are limited in Rimouski, Eastern Quebec Dog Specialist owners prefer to warn pet owners who may be tempted to use an unrecognized service.

For Rimouski owners who prefer to choose dog boarding, it can be difficult to find a place for their dog.

Photo: Radio Canada / Samuel Ranger

MAPAQ, une certification, une connaissance et une expérience avec les animaux. […] Il faut que les installations intérieures et extérieures soient tempérées, que les chiens aient de grands espaces”,”text”:”Avant de faire garder son chien, il faut s’assurer que la personne ait un permis du MAPAQ, une certification, une connaissance et une expérience avec les animaux. […] Il faut que les installations intérieures et extérieures soient tempérées, que les chiens aient de grands espaces”}}”>Before getting your dog kept, make sure the person has a permit from MAPAQcertification, knowledge and experience with animals. […] Indoor and outdoor facilities must be temperate, dogs must have large spacesexplains Josianne Roussel.

Guest houses must also comply with many municipal and provincial rules. For example, infrastructure must be located in agricultural areas, warns the specialist.

Before you put your dog to sleep, there are a variety of things to check and a lot of questions to ask. »

A quote from Josianne Roussel

Depending on the type of stay and the type of dog, Joanie Alain recommends that the owners think about the options. If it is a small dog accepted in several places, it is ok to bring it. If your dog is anxious, you can get a friend to see it. If he is a social dog, it can be a great way to keep him. We adapt to the dogs’ temperamentshe adds.

A critical season for animals

The migration and holiday season is synonymous with abandonment, the Rimouski Animal Service notes every year. Sometimes the organization takes in stray animals that their owners never claim.

Every year at this time, the Center de services animaliers de Rimouski registers several survivors, especially cats.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Perrine Bullant

According to Sandrine Trépanier, animal keeper at the Center de services animalier, this is a responsibility that future animal owners must think about. People who come to adopt must keep in mind that if you go on a trip, someone must take care of the animal, or it must have time to find someone to take care of it.she recommends.

Sandrine Trépanier, animal caretaker at the Center de services animaliers de Rimouski, invites future owners to think about a care method before adoption.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Perrine Bullant

The Rimouski Animal Service Center did not register a few days before the 1steh July, official date of several relocations in Quebec.

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