6 important summer tips to keep your dog happy and healthy!

The only thing that makes it better to get out in the sun is when you can do it with your furry best friend. Dogs love to go outside regardless of the weather, but when it is hot and sunny, your puppy needs extra care. Remember, if it’s hot for you, imagine what it does to your furry dog. If you and your puppy have planned an entire summer, here are six safety tips for a happy dog ​​all season.

1. Provide plenty of water

When the weather is hot, always keep your dog hydrated with a bowl of cold water inside and outside the house. Dogs not only need extra water to cool down, but also to aid digestion and lubricate joints, just like humans. A good rule of thumb is to give one ounce of water for every pound of your dog’s weight. Other ways to keep your dog hydrated are to play under the sprinkler and provide snacks like doggie ice cream, ice cubes and watermelon without seeds.

2. Practice pool safety

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, chances are your dog will love it! Pools are a fun way for Fido to stay cool, but practice water safety! First, make sure your dog can never access the pool when you are not there. Once your pool is installed by reliable pool builders, ask about putting up a fence. Always follow your dog to the pool so it can easily get in and out and not drink the water. For dogs that cannot swim well, get a dog life jacket so they can enjoy the water as well.

Keep Pooch comfortable on car trips

Responsible dog owners know that leaving a pet in a hot car can be a death sentence. If you take your dog for a walk when the mercury rises, make sure you feel good. Make sure the air conditioner is turned on or the windows are partially closed so that your dog also cools down. Ideally, you should only take your dog in the car if it can get out when you reach your destination. Otherwise, it is a good idea to leave your house in the air conditioner.

4. Check the dog for ticks

Hot weather means the appearance of scary creatures, and that can be bad news for your dog. If you live in the countryside or go for a walk with your dog, inspect him daily for ticks. Run your finger through your dog’s fur and along its paws while looking for bumps. Also, be sure to check under his collar and in his ears. If you find a tick, remove it with tweezers pulls as close to the skin as possible.

5. Establish a pet-friendly garden

If you like gardening, be sure to use pet-friendly plants. Dogs are curious and will probably go into anything when you are not looking. Common garden flowers that are poisonous to dogs include lily of the valley, azaleas, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and rhododendrons. Check that your plants and flowers are safe before you buy them. Remember to have garden chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and mulch of crushed cocoa bean shells are dangerous.

6. Pay attention to the puppy’s paws

If you’ve ever walked barefoot down your driveway, you know how it burns, so imagine what it does to your puppy’s paws! To protect these precious paws, avoid walking your dog on the sidewalk during the hottest hours of the day. Choose grassy areas or wear special dog shoes if your pet tolerates them. The sidewalk helps harden a dog’s paws, but wait until it’s cold. When you are on the go, you should also be on the lookout for broken glass, nails and other debris.

Your dog loves summer as much as you do, so protect him! By providing plenty of water and practicing pool and car safety, you and your dog will have the best summer of your life.

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