Natura’Vic, a beautiful summer edition closer to Mother Nature

Saturday morning, near the multi-hall, the three tents receiving Natura’Vic in its summer version are erected with their installations for this 2nd edition organized jointly by the Vic Accueil social center and the town hall of Vic-Fezensac.

The weather is ideal for the day.

At 10.00, vegetable plants, flowers and many seeds are presented in beautiful small marked boxes on the tables.

Everything is in place Plant change.

Francoise Carboue, the director of Vic-accueil warmly welcomes visitors Caroline Cueillens and Anthony Chauletelected by City Hall.

Colette Nasari of the collective inhabitants of Vic Accueil are accompanied by two friends who are passionate about gardening: they offer a variety of seedlings of cherry tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, parsley, bed plants, nasturtiums, etc.

It should be noted that a number of plants – profits from their greenhouse crops – are kindly offered by the gardeners who cultivate a plot of land in Vicoi’s communal gardens.

Their gesture is very nice and they are thanked for it.

A little later in the morning, a small enthusiastic group leaves an edible walk at La Pachère, along the hedges, then beyond the fields and along the river.

The companion Maite introduces many plants whose name and virtues it reveals or sometimes their dangers if ingested: soapwort, burdock, king bread, dandelion, tall straw and even white daisy, hawthorn and many others.

Following informed advice from this connoisseur, who has all the names, characteristics and characteristics in mind, the participants picked plants and flowers.

On the way back, Colette offers everyone a welcome refreshment, prepared by her: floral drinks and cold infusions.

Two young local organic producers, Camille and Cyril, preparing magnificent plates of vegetables picked just before, in their garden, Jardins de Lar in Marambat.

Plates as beautiful as they are delicious!

The colors, the taste, the nice presentation and in addition the kindness of this young couple thanked warmly for their presence.

“We also taste edible plants and petals, all carefully washed in a vinegar bath. It is good, sometimes a little sour, but compensated by the sweetness of certain plants,” states Caroline Cueillens.

In the early afternoon, a small group reached the forest in Vic-Roquebrune by car. Feel – passionate about nature – as in all simplicity, suggested an “awakening to nature” walk.

A memorable moment where all questions and observations were welcome, greeted with Marc’s communicative kindness.

Marc got to discover the trees in this natural environment, but also the ones that were set up by the ONF, sometimes planted in bushes at the edge of the river, so there is a harmony and a protection of them compared to the others.

Here a deer has scratched itself on this rather flexible tree: it is all a matter of observation!

Anecdotes, a touch of delicate humor: a passionate and fascinating gentleman who suddenly interrupts his discussion to listen to a bird’s song, but guess which …

And why did these empty snail shells pile up?

It is the threshing or sunbird that ate the snail … The spores are there, it is the secret of observation!

And who owns this feather? Does it come from the bird’s wing? Left right?

At the end of the walk there are fewer secrets for the small group thanks to Marc or also a secret, to stay close to nature, to admire it, to look at it closely by taking time and above all by respecting .

A secret to share as much as possible!

And Caroline to end at the end of this beautiful day: “This life in the forest, in the heart of nature more generally, this coexistence between all living beings, however small and discreet they may be, gives us many lessons in humility and values! »

Text and images: Caroline Cueillens

Title image and 1st photo: Francois MACE

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