these bank cards to travel for free

Are you planning to travel abroad soon? Be aware of the fees that your payments and withdrawals may incur. Fortunately, there are bank cards on the market that can reduce the bill to 0 euros, or almost.

After two years marked by confinements, border closures and restrictions, many of you today have wishes for your holiday elsewhere. If the summer of 2020 has often been spent at home and the summer of 2021 on the national territory, the summer of 2022 offers more exotic perspectives.

Therefore, if you are planning to travel abroad soon, there is one element that you need to take into account in your budget before leaving France: bank charges for payments and withdrawals in foreign currency. If you stay within the euro area border (1)sometimes tense the SEPA zone (2) in some traditional banks there is no problem: there will be no over-invoicing in relation to France.

Opposite to, if you leave the eurozoneincluding stays in Europe (eg UK, Denmark or Croatia), you will sometimes incur additional costs:

  • ONE proportionate commission on your purchases with cards abroad: according to our price comparator, it will cost you 1 to 7.35 euros, depending on your bank, for a payment equivalent to 100 euros made with a classic Visa or Mastercard bank card.
  • ONE proportionate commission and often a fixed fee on your withdrawals outside the eurozone, at a price of 1.50 7.90 euros each withdrawal corresponding to 100 euros, always with a classic Visa or Mastercard. Commissions with a higher range card issued by a traditional bank may be different, often lower.

In summary, it is not cheap to pay in foreign currency. Fortunately, the French market (thanks to online banking) has been enriched in recent years with new offers that openly target travelers and allow for to reduce the bill significantly. Even, for the best, to reduce these bank charges to zero.

The best bank cards for travel abroad

Free and free cards abroad

Aumax card – Aumax for me, nobank by Crdit Mutuel Arka, markets four account formulas, including a completely free, unconditional and free, including outside the euro area: no commission, neither on payments nor on withdrawals. The icing on the cake, that is no need to top up this Aumax card: it is actually aggregating, ie. it is able to transfer payments and withdrawals to another card that you have. Result: you pay with the Aumax card, but your main account is debited. Do not try to compare: there is currently nothing similar on the French market. One warning: since the launch of paid offers in 2020, the free Aumax card will not be sent more premium insurancesuch as covering your civil liability abroad.

Boursorama Ultim card – In mid-2019, Boursorama Banque shook up the market by launching Ultim. ONE Premium Visa card intended for travelers, including a complete insurance package and free currency transactions. Ultim is free, but it is also available to everyone, without income conditions: therefore a gift from God. Two restrictions: a minimum payment of at least 300 euros at the opening and the need for at least one card transaction per month to avoid paying a monthly fee of 9 euros. Finally a clarification: Since the launch of Ultim Metal, a paid version, Boursorama has tightened its pricing conditions a bit. Withdrawals in foreign currency are invoiced from the 4th per. month up to 1.69% of the amount withdrawn.

Fortuneo Phosphorus, Gold and World Elite – The competition is good. The launch of Ultim in 2019 forced its competitor, Fortuneo, to respond. Result: totally free on payments and withdrawals in foreign currency, including with the Phosfo entrance card, free of charge and without income conditions. If your monthly net income exceeds 1800 euros net per month, you can claim Gold CB Mastercard, which in particular will give you better insurance. Note: As with Boursorama, it is important to make a minimum payment per. month to avoid monthly fees of 3 euros (Phosphorus) and 9 euros (gold). Finally, the richest, ready to deposit 4000 euros or more into their account every month, can go to the market and get a card. World Elite CB Mastercardalways free.

Payment card, free abroad

This is a strong market trend: In recent years, most online banks, nobanks and payment applications have been launched. paid premium offers. Among the common points of all these offers, which also offer many services and benefits: free currency payments and withdrawals, sometimes with some restrictions. To access it, however, you must pay a monthly fee. Here are the prices:

  • Original (2.90 euros) and Idal (6.90 euros) from Ma French Bank
  • Aumax Premium (6.99 euros), Responsible (6.99 euros) and Metal (13.99 euros)
  • Metal from Boursorama (9.90 euros)
  • Hi Prime (5 euros)
  • Lydia Black (9.90 euros)
  • Monabanq Uniq + (9 euros)
  • N26 You (9.90 euros) and N26 Metal (16.90 euros)
  • Orange Bank Premium Card (7.99 euros per month)
  • Nickel metal (100 euros per year)

Card with reduced fee

N26 Standard and Smart – Standard (free) and Smart (4.90 euros monthly) formulas for the German nobank N26 both allow you to pay for free, also outside the euro area. Currency withdrawals are invoiced at 1.70% of the amount withdrawn. Note, however, that the N26 Standard includes only one virtual card as standard. To have a physical bank card, you must order one for 10 euros.

Nobanques: the cheapest deals to manage your budget

Monese Classic and Premium – When it comes to payments and withdrawals abroad, Monese excels at applying free thresholds. Customers of the UK payment service do not pay withdrawals up to 900 euros per month in the Classic version (5.95 euros) and 2500 euros in the Premium version (14.95 euros per month). In addition to these thresholds, the fees are 2% of the amount of the operation. On the payment side, holders of the aforementioned paid formulas benefit from total free access worldwide.

Nickel-chrome – Nickel, the bank card distributed in tobacconists, is available in a premium version, called Nickel Chrome. Billing 50 euros per year, or just over 4 euros per month, allows you to take advantage of total free payments in foreign currency and withdrawals of 1 euro each, regardless of country.

pumpkin – Familiar to students, the Pumpkin application for payment between friends, owned by Crdit Mutuel Arka, offers an account with a free bank card. Payments are free in euros and in foreign currency. Payments on the other hand are charged 1 euro coin, from the 3rd per. month.

Revolut Standard, Plus, Premium and Metal – Like Monese, Revolut works after thresholds. In the versions Standard (free) and Plus (2.99 euros per month), payments in foreign currency are invoiced in addition to the equivalent of 1000 euros per month. month, up to 0.50% of the amount paid. However, there is no commission for the Premium and Metal packages. On the payout side, they all relate to cards: over 200 euros per. month for Standard and Plus, 400 euros for Premium (7.99 euros per month) and 800 euros for Metal (13.99 euros per month), you must pay 2% of the amount payout with a minimum fee per month. payment of 1 euro.

(1) Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia. (2) The 27 countries of the European Union + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco, the United Kingdom, San Marino, Andorra and the Vatican.

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