The most beautiful places in Turkey

Turkey: 5 must-see places

Due to its history and its landscapes, Turkey is a destination that is always very popular among tourists from all over the world. Among the places you must not miss under any circumstances:

The Pamukkale basins

The Turkish name of this unique place means “cotton castle”. And with good reason: the limestone salts in the warm water cascading out of this place have covered everything with a thick white film, turning the place into a veritable natural monument. This immaculate character adds a magical atmosphere to the place. It is also possible to swim in the pools, which adds to the charm of the visit.

On site are also the ruins of ancient Hieropolis, whose theater is certainly the pinnacle of discovery. The city already exploited the hot springs of Pamukkale: it was a Roman spa town founded in the 2nd century BC.

Discovery of an underground city in Turkey that would have welcomed the first Christians

Cappadocias fe chimneys

The place is a major tourist attraction in Turkey but a must for anyone who loves the beauty of natural creations. Erosion fruits, the chimneys rise in a semi-arid landscape, where the development of light during the day helps to amaze the visitor, because the color of the rock, which originates from an ancient volcanic eruption, assumes different reflections. Cave dwellings benefit from this unique landscape, especially between Kayseri and Göreme.

To admire the fairy chimneys from a completely different angle, it is possible to gain height thanks to a ride in a hot air balloon. The light of day then sublimates the landscape.

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Van lake

A stopover at Lake Van is reserved for travelers who love wild landscapes. Surrounded by mountains, it offers dry shores that give the place a rather deserted character, but in the heart of nature. It is the largest lake in Turkey.

In 2017, archaeologists discovered beneath its surface an ancient fortress, estimated to be nearly 3,000 years old, during the civilization of Uratu. The water in the lake would therefore have risen since the Iron Age and gradually covered the fortress, whose presence now adds to the mysterious charm of this vast expanse of intense blue water.

The bronze belt of an Urartic warrior found in the ancient city of Satala in Turkey

The ruins of ancient Ephesus

Ephesus and its surroundings are full of iconic buildings and places, starting with the Temple of Artemis, which was once part of the 7 wonders of the world. Remains of the theater are also impressive.

Celsus’ library was one of the three most important in the ancient world. It contained no less than 12,000 scrolls. Since its fire by the Goths in 263, only the facade can be admired. The former particularly active port of the Aegean Sea, whose waters have gradually retreated, the city of Ephesus is pleasantly surrounded by hills.

The turquoise waters of Lake Bafa

A turquoise gem in the middle of a lush landscape, Lake Bafa is one of Turkey’s hiking paradises. Many bird species inhabit the place and make it possible to experience amazing encounters: pink flamingo, Dalmatian pelican, golden breast, geese …

The shores of the lake are also populated by the ruins of the ancient city of Heraclea, which adds to the charm of a walk in natural surroundings and the pleasure of historical discovery. Dominated by Mount Latmos, home to a shepherd who seduced the moon goddess, it is also home to an isolated Byzantine monastery on an island.

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