a summer in nature

To reconnect with nature, put children’s albums in the suitcase that smells of forest and the flowers of the fields. Your kids will discover the fun of cycling, building cabins and reading.

From the age of 8

For some children it is not exciting to go on holiday far from the city, e.g. in the mountains.

This is how it is with the comic book hero: Daniel has to spend the summer holidays with his grandparents, without wifi and without video games. He is afraid of turning green.

His grandparents know that Daniel is a total stranger to outdoor activities. They have prepared a surprise for him thanks to the participation of their neighbors, especially Selva, a little mountain girl of his age, with whom he discovers the joys of hiking, picking and cycling.

The tests in the middle of nature follow each other like the stages in a video game.

This Green game is a fun, original cartoon that advocates disruption, diversity and imagination. Kids from the age of 8 will enjoy letting go of their consoles and laptops to read it.

From 10 years

In the imagination, a fairy is a luminous creature who loves dew, tall grass and the forest.

This is not at all the case with Wat, a byfe invented by Cazenove, William and Jaquemoire. This bitumen fairy hates the landscape. When she finds herself in a parachute there with a sewer troll, and she receives the mission to save all the enchanted people, she is not at all, enchanted!

This crazy cartoon, published by Bamboo editions, will appeal to college students because it turns upside down the clichés about fairies. They are portrayed as uneducated, stubborn and manipulative beings.

Children are idiots and other magical creatures do not seem friendlier. The story, which is rich in twists and turns, is in two volumes aimed more at teenagers.

Of course, the ultimate message is the protection of the environment …

Even the city fairies eventually discover that without their country cousins, they would be nothing.

From 5 years

Every Friday night, Gabriel looks forward to graduation. The ringtone is a release because the hero has his head full of math, poetry and geography.

When he finds his mother on the street, the hypocrisy continues.

There is no more room in his mind and in his heart.

The authors succeed perfectly in making us feel this overflow of knowledge and emotion. This abundance ends up attacking the little boy.

Gabriel does not return to life until he reaches the landscape, the outdoors, the protective trees like his grandfather’s arms.

This poetic album illustrated with beautiful watercolors is a useful call to slow down.

From 6 years

This large format album could be a holiday program for your children and grandchildren.

It proposes to follow a child in HIS great adventure: the step-by-step construction of his cabin as well as the independent life he leads inside. This activity is slightly lost.

Children mess less and they spend less time outdoors. Why not take advantage of the holidays to accompany them and help them build their cabin?

Once built, their landmarks will be a source of pride, a haven, a plot of independence. This album is a great way to develop your imagination.

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