Find Out Which Countries Are Not Recommended For Your Summer Vacation This Year!

As the summer holidays approach with rapid strides, we all have our plans. For this 2022 trip, we’ll give you the list of countries to avoid.

There are still many countries that do not yet allow foreigners to enter their territory. And this, whether it is for health or diplomatic reasons.

This will no doubt reduce the list of beautiful places to visit for this 2022 trip. To help you with your choices, we will provide you with a list of countries that you should currently avoid.

Travel 2022: These places are still inaccessible to tourists for health reasons

Each country has its own way of restricting access to its territory to foreigners. To go to Hong Kong, you must therefore have a vaccination certificate, a negative test for Covid-19. And when all this is acquired, you must still submit to quarantine. Following the pandemic, drastic measures have been taken. If you choose Hong Kong as your destination, keep these three relevant conditions in mind.

Even if you have been vaccinated, you may not yet travel to certain countries. For example, in China, Bhutan, Japan, Taiwan and Turkmenistan. Especially in China, travelers are quarantined indefinitely once at Pudong Airport. To French diplomacy would like to tell those planning to go to mainland China. You should then exclude this country from your 2022 trip.

Although Japan decided to reopen its borders on June 10, conditions are still difficult. In fact, travelers need to come as part of an organized group. In addition, this group must have a link to a tourist agency in Japan. And that the latter must act as guarantor when they proceed with it Visa application. France Diplomatie reports again. Conditions that must be met if you want to take on your 2022 trip to Japan.

There are also governments that have made the decision to close theirs limit vaccinated tourists. Although we do not see this in Europe, countries like Ghana, Liberia, Morocco or Mauritania have adopted it. According to Le, we can also see this in the USA, Canada, Brazil and Uruguay. The list is getting thinner and thinner for this 2022 journey.

Avoid these various destinations due to their limitation

According to the Voyages page, measures to restrict movement and containment are still in force in some countries. This can be seen in Asia, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Burma, Brunei, Iran, Israel, Singapore and Taiwan. In these countries, only vaccinated travelers can gain access to their territory. For your 2022 trip, remember to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

For North Korea, land, sea and air borders are closed for the time being. A ban that Turkmenistan has also adopted to combat the spread of Covid-19. And on top of all that, this country has too prohibits the movement of people . One thing is for sure, you will not be able to take on your 2022 trip to these countries.

To combat Covid-19, Taiwan preferred to expose its travelers to very strict conditions. Tourists must remain in quarantine for three days and be subject to self-monitoring during four days. And during this time, they have to bring a self-test to go to work or to shop. Taiwan is therefore not the favorite destination for your 2022 trip. You can also not choose Afghanistan for your 2022 trip.

Other than health reasons are there as well security risks. Since the Taliban’s seizure of power and the withdrawal of international forces, the country has been very hostile. Do not leave! This destination is still part of the secure map blacklist!

Travel 2022: Countries inaccessible for security reasons

The French going to Yemen risk even more. In addition to fights, there is also the risk of murder and kidnapping. We can talk about Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula that settled in the country. For those going on a trip in 2022, give up your plan to go there now!

Still in Asia, especially East Timor, which has just reopened its borders vaccinated tourists. The French government urges its citizens to avoid the place because international relations are still limited! This can make medical evacuation difficult. Also, do not go to East Timor for your 2022 trip!

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