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Inauguration of the “Chez Risson, the hedgehog” care center, a team of motivated and passionate volunteers, all dedicated to the hedgehog cause

It is in a very friendly and playful atmosphere that Pauline Ruffenach-Schweitzer, president of the association “Chez Risson” and leader of the care center, accompanied by her team of volunteers, opened the doors of the hedgehog care center to the public. for the inauguration on Saturday, June 25, 2022 in Bussang.

In fact, the team’s project will have matured in almost 5 years and encountered some administrative pitfalls to finally see the light of day by settling in Bussang, after the renovation of a 100 m2 building, with a maximum of recycled materials.

Pauline, who had been waiting for this moment for a long time, was happy and excited to present the center to the large audience, after cutting the symbolic ribbon together with Bachir Aïd, Mayor of Bussang. The different areas of the center were presented: the hospital, the youth area, the cleaning area, the operating room, the quarantine room, the kitchen (for the animals), the insect house, the convalescence room.

The purpose of the care center is to protect European hedgehogs, to treat the individuals found orphans, injured, poisoned and reintegrate them into their natural environment. Initially, it will be able to accommodate up to 50 hedgehogs, and many more thereafter.

Its mission also extends to public awareness through various activities and to rural development.

Why a specialized hedgehog care center? For the hedgehog is one of the wild beasts threatened with extinction if we do not act; it is the most welcome mammal in care centers.

Some valuable advice for the protection and protection of hedgehogs, fragile in our environment, our gardens, was given throughout the visit.

On Wednesday 29 June, the DDCSPP (Departmental Directorate for Social Cohesion and Population Protection) validated the premises so that the center will be able to welcome the first hedgehogs in difficulty from 15 July!

The team consists of volunteers whose missions are different according to each individual’s skills, desires and sensitivity.

The volunteers who take care of the animals are trained by Pauline, the other members have different tasks: cleaning, preparation in the kitchen, caring for the animals, do-it-yourself of all kinds: sewing, making decoration for example (from recycled materials) and which will be sold at markets, especially at the Bussang summer craft market every Tuesday in July and August.

The association must expand its circle of volunteers, do not hesitate to let us know, even if you only have one hour a week to devote …

The care provided for a hedgehog is between 50 and 80 €. The care center receives donations of all kinds (mosquito nets, tanks, rubbish bins, fabrics, newspapers) for the actual operation of the center or for the manufacture of objects (below you will find a list of requirements).

Finally, know that every Wednesday the Association offers a “Nature Club” for children, with very varied themes around the environment: trees, birds, construction of insect sheds, kitchen garden, etc …!

So if you encounter hedgehogs in difficulty or injured,

Please contact the care center:

06 95 42 44 09 / Mail address: chez.risson@gmail.com / website : https://chezrissonleherisson.fr/

The care center “Chez Risson, le hérisson”, a passionate and dedicated team!

List of center needs.

Cages with plexiglass top.

Plastic storage boxes (all sizes).

Net / fence.


Fence eating.

Heat lamps.

Microwave hot water bottles.

Hot water bottles.

Heating mat.

Ambient temperature / humidity thermometers.


Steam cleaner.

Smoke alarm.

Borde velleda.

Clip holder.


A pair of garden gloves.

Trash cans.

Dirty laundry container.

Laundry basket.


Water jugs.

Small garden shovels.

Small garden rakes.



Garden hose.

1000l water collectors (IBC tank) even with holes or defects.



Soft fabrics / Fleece.

Adjustable seats and stools.

Render tray.


Stainless steel dishes.

Cleaning equipment (cleaning trolley, buckets, mops).

Magnifying lamp.

Stainless steel table top.

Surgical / examination lamp.

Under pillows.

Operating table.



Non-contact thermometers.


Pull ticks.

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