Canceled and delayed flights | Plan Bs to save your trip

Thousands of Air Canada flights will be canceled this summer to deal with labor shortages and rising demand. Is this announcement likely to endanger your future travels? The press answer your questions.

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Purple Dussault

Purple Dussault
The press

What other options for travel?

Instead of departing from Montreal, some travelers may decide to take a flight from elsewhere. For example, they can travel an extra hour to Plattsburgh, USA.

Plattsburgh Airport, nicknamed “Montreal US Airport”, offers flights to Florida or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is operated by the airlines Allegiant Air and Contour Airlines (the latter is affiliated with American Airlines).

” [Partir de Plattsburgh] is certainly something Quebecers should consider in their options, says airport manager Chris Kreig. It’s a practical solution from Montreal if it works in their plan. »

Can one enter the United States without a passport?

Canadian citizens children aged 15 and under can enter the United States by land or sea by presenting their birth certificate (or a copy) instead of a passport. Once you are on the other side of the border, it is best to check with the airline if a passport is required for a domestic flight.

Entry into the United States by plane, regardless of age, requires a passport.

Traveling by train or bus, a good idea?

Traveling by train or bus could be an alternative to air travel this summer, but beware, seats are also limited.

Keep in mind that the company Greyhound, which provided connections between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal (and within Ontario), terminated its services in 2021. However, it still offers routes to the United States.

For its part, VIA Rail Canada has 410 stations across Canada.

Which flights will Air Canada cancel this summer?

Air Canada canceled 154 flights a day on Wednesday, or more than 9,500 flights in the months of July and August.

Four services have been suspended, including three from Montreal Airport. These are the Montreal-Pittsburgh, Montreal-Baltimore, Montreal-Kelowna and Toronto-Fort McMurray routes.

“It will primarily be the frequency of flights that will be reduced, Air Canada specifies via email. And especially border and domestic flights provided by smaller aircraft in the evening and late evening.”

Will my flight in France (or Thailand or Australia) be affected?

No: International flights (excluding the United States) are not affected by cancellations announced by Air Canada. However, there may be changes in the timing of these “to reduce flights during peak periods and to harmonize the flow of passengers”, the airline specifies.

How long in advance do I know if my flight has been canceled?

According to information received by Air Canada, customers are automatically notified when their flight is canceled. “The process is underway,” the media department said via email Thursday.

My flight has been canceled: can I make a change or get a refund?

Changes appear to be possible according to information from Air Canada. Some reservations can be changed “immediately”, specifies the service of relations with the media. “For others, we continue to look for alternatives and will let customers know when the options become available.”

Customers can also request a refund for their purchase at any time.

In addition, customers affected by a cancellation may be eligible for compensation under the Canadian Charter of Passenger Rights, according to Sylvie De Bellefeuille, an attorney at the Quebec Group Option Consumers.

The Air Passenger Protection Regulations, which came into force in 2019, provide compensation – in addition to refunds – of $ 400 to $ 1,000 for a cancellation or delay “under the control of the carrier”.

And how is it elsewhere?

Flight difficulties, delays and cancellations as the summer season approaches are a global problem. In the UK, 30 planes were canceled during rush hour on Thursday morning at London Heathrow Airport. In the process, the UK government has asked airlines to implement realistic flight plans and to “warn passengers as soon as possible” in the event of disruptions.

In France, the social movement of firefighters in connection with wages led to the cancellation of 10% of flights on Thursday, a disturbance which is expected to continue on Friday. In Spain, about 50 Ryanair flights were canceled on Thursday, and several hundred others were delayed, on the fourth day of the strike by the company’s hostesses and stewards.

Since May in the United States, 21,000 flights have been canceled, or 2.7% of all scheduled flights.

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