Provence | Travel to Cuba: what are the entry formalities?

Cuba is one of the French destinations’ favorite destinations for holidays under the theme of merriment. The island is indeed characterized by an undisturbed party atmosphere. Constantly lively beaches, caravans and many other rides are on the agenda. All this makes Cuba a very warm and welcoming destination for holidays with family, friends or as a couple.

However, entry into Cuban territory is subject to certain mandatory formalities. We invite you to discover the essentials of this guide formalities to complete for a trip to Cuba without stress.

Possess a valid passport

The first condition that must be met in order to be eligible for a trip to Cuba is the possession of a valid passport. Having a passport that is within its period of validity is a non-negotiable condition for traveling to Cuba. The passport plays a very important role in the process of trip to cuba. It also has very sensitive properties that need to be ignored.

To get a tourist visa to Cuba, the traveler must present his passport. During your stay, this piece also serves as an identity card for travelers. Basically, the passport is one of the documents that must be presented to the Cuban embassy to apply for the Cuban visa.

It should also be noted that passports must be individual, even for a family trip. Thus, children, regardless of their age, must each have their own passport. The latter serves as an identity document abroad, which is especially checked upon departure of the country. For this reason, the passport must be valid throughout the intended stay on the island of Cuba.

To apply for a passport in France or in the event that it expires soon, go to a town hall. The request or renewal must be made in person a few weeks before the date of the trip or the expiration date.

Take out travel insurance for your trip to Cuba

The question oftravel insurance is also closely observed by the Cuban authorities. After obtaining a valid passport, travel insurance is the second most important step when traveling to Cuba. In fact, proof of travel insurance subscription is required at the time of visa application.

A travel insurance to go to Cuba must cover costs that can be expected to be incurred in the event of illness or unexpected repatriation. In addition, it must be valid throughout your stay in Cuba. The travel insurance required to travel to Cuba can be issued by an insurance company. It can also be issued by a credit card organization or a visa agency. It is up to each traveler to choose the best option.

Get your Cuba visa or tourist card for your trip to Cuba

For a trip to Cuba, the Cuba visa is a document you must have at all costs. He is mandatory for all citizens of the European Union, especially for the French, and even for the Americans. Only a few countries are exempt. Among them are Mongolia, Belarus, Serbia, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates.

The visa that gives access to Cuba comes in two forms: the Cuban visa and the tourist card. Here’s what the difference is between these two items and how to get them.

What is the difference between the Cuba visa and the tourist card?

that Cuban visa is the Cuban document necessary for anyone wishing to travel to Cuba for business, study, etc. On the other hand, for tourism or leisure reasons, it is a Cuba tourist card which is necessary. Cuba tourist cards are also called “Cuba tourist cards”. This is the administrative document which here assumes the functions of the tourist visa.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that while the Cuban visa sticks to the passport, the tourist card is an independent document. It is a mandatory flight card to gain access to Cuban territory.

How to get a Cuba visa for a trip to Cuba?

The Cuba visa can only be obtained from the Cuban consulate represented in the traveler’s country of origin. The visa application is made by submitting a file submitted for examination by the consulate. The file must definitely contain the following documents:

a valid passport: the passport accepted by the competent Cuban authorities must remain valid even 6 months after the planned return. In addition, the passport must still have at least two blank pages; one facing the other;
a plane ticket return: it bears the relevant dates as well as the main reason for the trip to Cuba;
proof of functionality of health insurance and repatriation insurance;
funds to settle the operation: credit card or check.

It is also necessary to accompany the submission of the file with a carefully completed application form.

If the application is accepted, it takes about 5 days to receive the visa. However, it is recommended to make his request by taking an advance between 15 and 30 days on the trip.

How to get your tourist card for a trip to Cuba?

The tourist card is the form that the Cuban visa takes when traveling to Cuba on vacation. In fact, the procedure for getting the tourist card is the same as for getting a visa.

It should only be noted here that the tourist card, unlike visas, can be received remotely. It thus makes it possible online procedures to get your tourist card . It is therefore permitted to leave the project of obtaining the tourist card to an approved tourist visa agency. This alternative allows you to get rid of certain administrative formalities in order to concentrate on planning your stay in Cuba.

In addition, having an online agency is sufficient to provide mainly information such as:

• nationality;
• date of birth;
• the number of his passport.

In this way, you leave the responsibility for your project to get the card to the approved online agency. Within approximately 5 days, excluding weekends, the card may already be available and received.

The price to get the tourist card is around € 25 for one person. But like the passport, the card is extremely personal, even for children. The price tends to rise when going through an agency.

The tourist card is valid for 30 days which begins to take effect the moment the traveler is in Cuba. Thus, it is imperative to have it before going there. If the trip is to last more than a month, the card can be renewed in Havana, Cuba.

Complete boarding and arrival formalities

Before boarding, each traveler is asked to present the following documents:

• Cuba tourist card or Cuba visa;
• the valid travel insurance certificate issued by the insurance company;
• a health declaration form, which must be completed 72 hours before arrival in Cuba.

Cuba is now being classified green land», The covid-19 PCR test is no longer mandatory for boarding. However, upon arrival, before entering Cuba, each traveler is screened. An isolation center welcomes all people who present a positive result.

Let us finally note that it takes certain things to enter Cuban territory as a holiday guest mandatory formalities. So take the time to do everything in the rules to have a good holiday in Cuba.

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