this is how season 4 of the Netflix series ends

Season 4 of Stranger Things, It is over! Episodes 8 and 9 landed on Netflix on Friday, July 1st with a long-awaited ending for fans. It’s intense, painful, heartbreaking … We tell you how this fourth chapter in the series ends.

In the Last Moments of Episode 7 of Season 4 of Stranger Things, Nancy was captured by Vecna, who told her the whole truth about her identity. In these final episodes, which landed on July 1 on Netflix, he makes the decision to let her go. The reason ? That she can inform her friends about her plan. Nancy along with Steve, Robin, Eddie, Dustin, Max, Lucas and Erica realize that they have a chance to defeat Vecna, they realize that like Max, the physical form of the Upside Down monster is defenseless when it is in his mental state. cave.

So they can attack him at that time and they gather weapons to fight him in the demonic dimension. Yes, they gather their courage and all return to Upside Down to put Vecna ​​out of danger once and for all.

Revelations and deaths at the end of Stranger Things

The student who learned that she was behind the creation of Vecna ​​for her part, by sending One into Upside Down, manages to reactivate her telekinetic powers. At the same time, Dr. Brenner reveals that his plan was to use the Eleven to contact One in the dimension of the monsters … That’s when the military arrives at the laboratory in the desert, resulting in Brenner’s death! Eleven, she uses her abilities to overpower all her enemies. She leaves the doctor to die alone in the desert when Mike, Will, Jonathan and Argyle arrive to get her out of this situation.

Since the start of season 4, the two groups have been separated and live adventures as epic as they are tragic alone … Now is the time for the connections to be reunited. Using his powers, the Student discovers that Max knows she’s the last victim Vecna ​​is looking for to open a huge passage between Upside Down and Hawkins. She then sets up an isolation chamber to project herself to where Max is, playing bait for Vecna. If the latter manages to attract the Eleven, the situation for the other characters is very worrying: Nancy, Steve and Robin are neutralized, while Dustin and Eddie are attacked by demobate. Eddie helps Dustin escape by luring the bats away from him … but unfortunately he is mortally wounded and succumbs to his wounds in Dustin’s arms.

No one wanted Eddie dead, as all fans of Stranger Things would have liked to have seen in season 5, but the Netflix series and Upside Down decided otherwise. New character, he quickly entered the hearts of lovers of the amazing show.

A season 5 that promises to be nightmarish

Vecna ​​reveals to the Eleven that he was connected to Mind Flayer years ago, and that connection gave rise to an evil plan: to bring the Dark Kingdom to the city of Hawkins. The Student is not strong enough to take over Vecna, and since everything seems to be lost to our heroes, Mike – from the real world – manages to contact the Student and shouts out of his love. This has the effect of further liberating his power and strength.

She manages to get taken over and she keeps him in his mental hole, freeing Nancy, Steve and Robin, who continue to attack Vecna’s physical grenade with shots before setting fire to him. Unfortunately, Max, who inadvertently made himself vulnerable throughout this confrontation, becomes seriously injured and falls into a coma.

Meanwhile, Joyce, Hopper, and Murray in Russia succeed in defeating the demogorgon, but they discover that the prison is also home to other demogorgons and demodogs. Although they can potentially escape and save themselves, they choose to return to the facility to kill the creatures and end up confronting them all with weapons, flamethrowers and swords.

But the threat from Upside Down is there more than ever. While Vecna ​​has been physically defeated, he manages to put his plan into action, and many cracks open up in Hawkins, causing enormous damage to the city (resulting in Jason Carver’s death). The final moments of the final episode of season 4 of Stranger Things some ashes fall from the sky, and Mike, Joyce, Hopper, Will, Jonathan, Nancy and Eleven discover the arrival of Upside Down in reality … The young adventurers are certainly not done with the demonic dimension, and season 5 promises to become nightmarish.

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