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If it were not for the summer that expands its rays of sunshine to us in early July, if it were not for these promises of walks along the Célé, with our feet in the water and peace of mind, if these aperitifs were not to come, with family and friends, who pull out in the evenings, between outbursts of laughter and dangerous digressions, if there were not these festivals that would follow each other, these village parties, also these siestas, in the shadow of an isolated tree on the caussen. If it were not for the nostalgia of past vacations, the traffic jams on RN 20, the kids’ jokes in the back seat, if there were not all this and many other things, it almost seems like the previous choices, it’s time to return to normal. But the news is never monochromatic. We thus experience that Landsuddannelsen is in turn obliged to organize a “job dating” in Lottet (July 12) in order to recruit teachers and administrative staff as soon as possible. While parents of students mobilize here and there toward class closures, these entrepreneurs will have to improvise hussars from a republic whose school is in crisis. The resignations are rising, the calls are drying up. Also in the country of Gambetta, therefore, it is not only the medical deserts that are feared. And we can say that being an institute or teacher in Cahors, in Bouriane or in Ségala, is not quite the same as in Bobigny or in the center of a big city, where the rent for the smallest two-bedroom apartment stands at a third or even half of your salary, it’s not enough … Moreover, when we talk about the cost of living, Lot here again is not immune to the gloom and dissatisfaction that prevails. In Figeac, another week’s strike ends at Ratier. If the aviation sector has regained some strength after the unprecedented crisis associated with the pandemic, employees believe their salaries have so far been nailed to the ground. We note in passing that a national television channel referred to the conflict by placing Figeac as a locality “close to Rodez”. This is not entirely false, but it would have seemed more logical for us to mention Cahors, which is a little less distant. Just as nothing is simple in terms of territorial marketing … Hi, here is my cat protection that bends to see the screen. To my great surprise, and to my great relief, I do not have to waste half an hour explaining to her that she does not meet all the criteria for going to “job dating”: she already has enough to do without a doubt to monitor, outside holidays, come and go from school children who pass in front of the house on the way to class, on the other side of the old town, or who laugh and shout leave it. No, Sibelle wants me to mention good news anyway: we learned that Rocamadour and Martel had just joined the circle of France’s Most Beautiful Villages, a club that does not go in like a mill, even though it is classified . These municipalities join six Lotois villages that have already been marked: Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Autoire, Cardaillac, Loubressac, Carennac and Capdenac-le-Haut. “So much the better for them, so much the better for tourism!” welcomes my tiger. Which then slips me: “Basically, it is not so problematic that our village is not part of this elite. I just read the selection criteria. One of them is: “Dimension of the road network and diversity of paths”. Are you aware of that? Me, I know the smallest alley, the smallest shortcut. But there is no way that hordes of overnight travelers will follow in my footsteps in the old city … “ On the other hand, my domestic tiger would have liked to have followed President Rigals, who has just traveled to Denmark for the start of the Tour de France. We know the connections that unite the kingdom and the department, and we also know that the Grande Boucle stops for two days in Quercy. So in Copenhagen, a stand promoted Lotten. The delegation, we learn from a press release, took the opportunity to visit a 15-minute recycling center, very popular with the inhabitants of the Danish capital, and a biomass power plant ”. Enough to “to feed the mandate project” Lot A Venir “for” Build the party with positive energy before 2050 ” very seriously explains the same press release. Sibelle notes that Christophe Proença, Vice-President of the Department of Tourism responsible for tourism, was present at the trip. Lacking a place at the Bourbon Palace, he probably consoled himself by going to admire Amalienborgs: it is the Danish royal family’s winter residence. It consists of four palaces with identical neoclassical facades and Rococo-style interiors, Sibelle learns on Wikipedia. “For the baroque style, on the other hand, we have already given way to the parliamentary elections” mocks my rude protegee.

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