TV show. Leclerc, Carrefour, Lidl … What are these discount travel agencies worth? The constructive study of ” Capital ”

In promotional catalogs of major food brands, amidst discounts on sausages and fruit yogurts, you could not miss those sites that sell heavenly stays at attractive prices. An inconsistent idea? In any case, the customer base is there as more and more French people trust their supermarket to go on holiday: the mass distribution agencies now account for 20% of the travel market!

Leclerc, the leader, but also Carrefour and more recently Lidl have embarked on this sector and have reproduced the recipes that make supermarkets successful: promotions and bargain prices.

“We paid 880 euros, with the flight, the meals, the room, the transfers”

In this Sunday night’s broadcast on the M6, the ” Capital ” teams traveled to Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands for a newly renovated 4-star hotel with three swimming pools, slides and games for children. , to meet Fadel and his wife Leïla, who came for a week on holiday in the sun with their little girl. “We have a big bed, a bathroom, it is spacious, there is air conditioning … In terms of cleanliness and hygiene, there is nothing to say,” says the family father.

For eight days and seven nights in this establishment, on an all-inclusive basis and at this time of year, it would in principle be necessary to count 1239 euros per night. person including aircraft. But the couple enjoyed a nice discount: “We went through Leclerc Voyages, we paid 880 euros, with the flight, the meals, the room, the transfers between the airport and the hotel” emphasizes Fadel. This is a reduction of 38 per cent. Like them, more than half of the hotel’s customers bought their holiday in the supermarket. Everyone paid between 650 and 850 euros on average. Of the 250 reservations that week, 120 came from Leclerc, 30 from Carrefour and 10 from Lidl. In total, they have benefited from an average promotion of -30%, depending on the options chosen.

Tonight’s two other reports

-Recreational bases, holidays close to home: Entertaining vacations, excitement, a wealth of activities, mostly nautical near you, this is the promise of the leisure bases. The market is booming and their attendance is rising: + 20% on average over the last five years. Capital went to meet these champions of outdoor entertainment, especially in Wam Park, based in Savoie, who want to conquer France by opening two leisure bases every three years and prospecting to find lakes and ponds at good prices.

– Low cost airline: still a good deal? Capital has investigated airlines that promise cheap travel, but at the expense of the safety of those on board. Pilots condemn a pace of work that is so persistent that it prevents them from controlling the aircraft properly at each stopover. Some, exhausted, even fall asleep in the cockpit … In addition, the European champions of low-cost, Easyjet and Ryanair, have invented a new way to turn up the bills discreetly: Hand luggage is charged between 8 and 55 euros, last-minute check-in is 55 euros at Ryanair … No mercy for stressed customers and up the wall once at the airport …

“We got up to -70% discount for Leclerc, then Carrefour and Lidl”

After the hotel has just reopened after two years, it is important for the manager to draw attention to himself and attract new customers. That’s why she agrees to do big promotions in the middle of the season on the “all inclusive” offers: “We got up to -70% discount for Leclerc, then Carrefour and Lidl. It is an effort that makes that we can reach the French market, which we did not touch before ”.

The effort seems to be bearing fruit: the peak season begins in a month, and the Spanish establishment is already 80% filled with a majority of customers from French mass retailers.

So how are Leclerc, Carrefour and Lidl achieving price reductions of up to -70%? Simply by selling ready-made travel – ” packages ”, designed by tour operators to sell their stocks. As the sector is hypercompetitive, all brands want to achieve prices but also exclusivities. Journalists will show the viewers behind the scenes by going behind the scenes of these negotiations in Greece, where Carrefour is preparing a low-cost offer for the summer.

On the marketing side, if Carrefour and Leclerc have their agencies in stores, Lidl has decided to market only on the Internet and also counts on the distribution of twelve million leaflets a week to gain market share. But are the crossed out prices they show always good deals? To discover, this Sunday, in ” Capital ”.

” Capital ”, ” Cheap holidays, new good offers ”, this Sunday the 3rd of July from kl. 21.10 on the M6.

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