Up to 5 hours travel for a Rouen-Paris train journey this weekend!

SNCF has planned major works over the weekend of 2 and 3 July 2022. Works which have a strong impact on train traffic between Paris and Normandy.

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Those who like to take the train to travel between Normandy and the capital must be very patient. Because train traffic between Paris and Normandy will drip and very, very slowly this weekend, July 2nd and 3rd, 2022.

On the eve of the summer holiday 2022, SNCF has planned major work on its network. She even discourages travelers from choosing the train to get around.

“There is work on your line this weekend. Traffic is interrupted between Paris and Normandy from Saturday 02/07 morning to Sunday 03/07 16:00. For your comfort, you must prefer your departure before and after these times» indicates SNCF on its website sncf-connect.

These traffic disruptions are taking place this weekend due to the EOLE work to expand the RER E and the connection point for the Homet line in Cherbourg.

Between Friday, July 1 at 22.50 and on 3 July at 16. Mantes-la-Jolie station will be unavailable as well as Cherbourg from Saturday 2 July at midnight to Sunday 3 July at midnight.

As a reminder, the EOLE construction site in Ile-de-France will regularly disrupt traffic between Paris and Normandy during the summer of 2022, until mid-September.

Disturbances on the Paris-Rouen-Le Havre line

The work in the Mantes-la-Jolie area will cause traffic disruption between the stations in Val-de-Reuil and Paris Saint-Lazare. Trains stop at Val-de-Reuil station at departure from Le Havre. A replacement bus service has been set up between Val-de-Reuil and Vernon.

To get to Paris from Rouen on Saturday 2 July, there are only two trains in circulation, at 8.55 and 10.58. You will then have to wait until Sunday, July 3 from 3:56 p.m. to find a classic travel time. .

“Do you find it normal to cut all the trains down?”

Despite the information on its website and its social network, SNCF has to face the anger of travelers. “Do you find it normal to cancel all trains on the weekends? Not even a replacement bus, even though there are actually people working. It’s abused,” he said. growls a surfer. “In fact, very few trains are direct today because there is a lot of work on this axis this weekend”, SNCF community manager responds on Twitter.

“There is no replacement”

To another Internet user who discovers the extent of the “problem”, CM from SNCF reminds: “This weekend there is no replacement. Therefore, our various information channels showed that it was better to postpone your trip.

If you still decide to take the train from Rouen in the afternoon, be patient. 13:06 Rouen-Paris will have a travel time of 04:41! The 15.17 departure from Rouen is announced with a 5:14 hours travel time. And with good reason, your train will take the direction of Amiens before taking the direction of Paris (Gare du Nord).

During this work period, the journey from Paris to Rouen will be possible directly, but with longer journeys and with fewer timetables. Because the trains will be diverted by an alternative route via the Gisors-Serqueux line, resulting in a longer journey time.

A road substitution will be established between Rouen and Trouville-Deauville stations.

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