Camping among llamas is possible in Montaigut-le-Blanc (Puy-de-Dôme)

The sun is slowly starting to set this Sunday night. Installed under a barnum, Rudolph, Thomas, Alexandre, Nicolas and Pierrick bring out local beers, chips and sausages. “We are five childhood friends. We all live all over France. We like to meet on weekends in a central place where we can relax. »

A room dedicated to wild camping

It was in Montaigut-le-Blanc, in the village of Gourdon, on the Rodde plateau, that the friends left their luggage for four days of glamping.

. “We found this place on a wild campsite. We wanted a quiet place without neighbors, where we could play music without disturbing anyone, ”the friends confide.

How to do “wild camping” in Auvergne?“Here we bother no one, and no one bothers you,” replies Sylvie Cholley, owner of the land with her husband Rémi. Together about ten years ago, they fell in love with the area with its panoramic views, which allow you to see Puy de Sancy on one side and Puy de Dôme on the other. “When we liked coming here, we thought other people might appreciate it too. So we offered people to come and camp, ”explains Rémi.

Llamas are curious species.

Over the years, the offer has been strengthened until today with only receiving visitors (only one group of 2 to 8 people per stay) in two teepees with mattresses and pillows, but also table, chairs, stove, tableware placed under a gazebo. Complete Sylvia:

For the shower it is in the bucket and there are also dry toilets

A wild camping offer, open during the summer months, almost normal … if you ignore the neighborhood: a herd of five llamas roaming free. “Initially, we were looking for animals to clear the land,” the owners recall.

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Quickly, the camels became the darlings of the place. “Families often book because they want to stay among the llamas,” Sylvie explains. “The llama is a well-known animal, but it keeps its distance. On the other hand, they are very curious, ”adds Rémi. Animals that roommates easily get along with, as one of the five friends assures:

They observe us, but very quickly they forget us

For animals or tranquility
At Lama-Gîte des Puys, the couple therefore welcomes families and friends who want to enjoy the plains in complete freedom, but also to live a unique experience in the middle of wild animals. An offer that appeals: “We have many reservations, especially people who come back,” Rémi insists. Campers like Rudolph, Thomas, Alexandre, Nicolas and Pierrick who expect only one thing: to spend three or four days without time.
Accommodation is comfortable.

Glamping comes from the contraction of the words “glamor” and “camping”. It defines an alternative camping practice.

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