In honor of the deceased pets that have shaped our lives, “Le Sanctuaire des 4 pattes” offers bespoke funeral articles

Humans or animals, Death makes no difference. Dressed in her long cloak as dark as nothing, she mows down Life when the hands of the clock have reached the fateful hour.

For many owners, the loss of a cat, dog or other small animal causes the locks to open, causing tears to flow and a large wound in the heart. These fur balls, true full-fledged members of the family, leave a big void after their departure. As the novelist so aptly pointed out John Galsworthy : ” The hardest thing to endure when they go, these quiet friends, is that they take so many years of our own lives with them. »

Then time wipes away the salty drops that have spread over the defeated faces and gradually soothes the pain. This fatal experience is common to all. Lawnmower? Delphine Simon Dumarchat “know her well”. A few years ago, the black lady took off her Fox Terrier, Calias well as his Jack Russell, The two of us.

For this resident in Dordogne, goodbye was extremely important. After choosing cremation, the bereaved mistress chose an urn to place the ashes of her deceased furry companions. ” The problem is that I did not necessarily have the model I wanted and it was impossible to customize it. “, she confided in Woopets. It is from this personal story that his company was born, The sanctuary for the 4 legs.

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Products created to measure and in a craft-like way

Coffins, funeral urns or relics are handmade in the workshop of Delphine. The latter remains aware of its customers going through a difficult period and meets their requirements. This is how she creates unique and tailor-made pieces.

Sometimes I am asked blue if it is he or pink if it is sheexplained our interlocutor, I also suggest small cat or dog silhouettes on the coffin lid. Some people ask for a plaque in person with their pet’s name, date of birth and death. »

The goods are made of wood from his personal forests. ” We cut down trees that are sick or pose a danger in the roadcontinued the leader of 4 paws sanctuary, there is also a kind of solidarity in my village. Since I know my job, my neighbors offer me to pick up the tree when they need to separate from a tree. »

In terms of upholstery, Delphine goes to local businesses to support them.

Pets, creatures that are dear to us

When I lost Cali, it was unthinkable for me to let go of her without doing anything for her.added our source, the idea of ​​creating this structure started from the fact that i had nothing available to honor his memory and my 1time cremation urns were intended for Vito. »

Paying tribute to the little fur ball that has engraved the imprint of its paw in the hearts of its favorite people is a very present wish among owners. This gesture is part of the grieving process.

Illustration of the article: To honor the deceased pets that have shaped our lives, offer

I met a lady who bought a “princess” themed coffin because her cat was named it and she loves fuchsia pinkRemember Delphine, each request is different. It is easier to grieve as the person manages to have something like what she wanted for her pet. It’s sad, but also sweet, because you can see that the intention is there. It is very touching. »

Delphine Simon Dumarchat hope that his activity will continue and gain fame. Sound 2e Great wish? Open an animal cemetery and let pet owners organize beautiful farewell ceremonies. Another way to mourn and cultivate memories. After all, ” there is something stronger than death, it is the presence of the absent in the memory of the living; »(Jean D’Ormesson).

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Illustration of the article: To honor the deceased pets that have shaped our lives, offer

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Photo credits: Delphine Simon-Dumarchat / Le Sanctuaire des 4 pattes

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