Jackery’s summer travel campaign launches

Jackery starts a summer outdoors and encourages fun in the sun … the SOLAR way!

The sun’s rays on your skin, the sound of the sea in your ears – summer has arrived! Jackery, the world’s best-selling brand of solar cell generators, today launches its campaign under the slogan: “IT’S SUMMER. ENJOY THE SUN ROAD! campaign that encourages outdoor enthusiasts to get SOLAR READY ready for summer trips and enjoy summer fun on Solvejen.

The campaign runs until the end of July. Visit the Jackery Amazon Store and follow @ jackery.fr on Instagram to learn more about Jackery and receive great deals for Prime Day 2022 on all Jackery models!

This summer. Enjoy the Solar Way with the Jackery Solar Generator

Jackery solar generators combine portable power plants with solar panels. It converts solar energy into electricity and operates a range of electronic devices, including telephones, laptops, cameras, mini-coolers, coffee machines and more.

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Using solar energy is simply the perfect solution for a summer camping trip or for backup power at home. The solar route is the best way, it does minimal damage to the environment and provides maximum enjoyment, no matter where your travels take you.

Thanks to the free use of solar energy, the Jackery Solar Generator offers the following three options:

– Infinite power. Enjoy the Solar Way.

Solving outdoor power problems, provides endless solar energy – take your outdoor exploration to the next level.

A sustainable energy source par excellence, solar energy is an energy you can count on to supply you permanently during all your travels. Jackery Solar Generator operates multiple devices simultaneously, allowing you to keep power off the grid for days. All you have to do is unfold the solar panel, point it at the sun and connect it to the portable power plant.

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– Cost-effective. Enjoy the Solar Way.

Solar energy, free alternative. At Jackery, expensive gas is not used – green, free energy provides perfect outdoor life.

One of the factors that makes solar energy beneficial compared to traditional energy sources is that it is free and you do not have to pay for it! Plus, the sooner you start using solar energy, the faster you will start saving money on your energy bills. As energy prices skyrocket, fuel costs will rise – while a solar generator will provide you with a free and steady stream of solar energy that is much friendlier to our planet.

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– Prepare better. Enjoy the Solar Way.

In summer, the demand for electricity exceeds the mains load. Power outages can occur and reliable backup power is required. Jackery provides vital energy when you need it most.

If you’ve relied on conventional generators to deal with power outages, it’s worth considering a new idea: solar energy is the best alternative to use as an emergency power source for your family – stay up to date in the event of an accident. With Jackery’s solar energy solutions, you will always be prepared.

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Jackery solar generators meet different energy needs

Solar Road with Jackery will unlock endless power, savings and elite preparation for all on-road and off-road adventures. These benefits are available through Jackery’s two flagship products:

Jackery 1000 Solar Generator

© 2020 Tommy Giesel Photography |  www.tommygiesel.de
© 2020 Tommy Giesel Photography | www.tommygiesel.de

If you are planning a camping or camping trip of 3-4 days or more in Europe, the Jackery 1000 Solar Generator is the perfect travel companion. Using a capacity of 1002 watts combined with two solar panels, it allows you to be away from the grid for days, giving the freedom to enjoy the convenience that electronic technology provides when enjoying life outdoors. Fire up the grill for a wonderful BBQ, grab a freshly chilled drink from the mini fridge or even let your mountain bike up – Jackery is definitely a game changer!

Jackery 500 Solar Generator

Jackery Solar Generator 500If you are going on a trip to the surrounding towns, try the Jackery 500 Solar Generator. This Explorer 500 with a capacity of 518 watts weighs only 13.3 lbs, but can charge all devices up to 500 W: a mobile phone 53 times and a camera battery 25 times! Together with a 100 W solar panel, the Jackery 500 solar cell generator is light and powerful for a quick start.

Jackery is essential for summer trips and all your outdoor adventures. Learn more about the Jackery Amazon Store.

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As a trusted supplier since 2012, Jackery has already sold over 1.5 million units worldwide and is now recognized by over 100 authorized media and organizations globally.

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