Love, Dogs, Fatherhood, “Life as a Grandmother”, The Voice Kids, “Love at First Sight” with Virginie Efira …

Julien Doré celebrates her 40th birthday on July 7th. His “life as a little grandmother”, fatherhood, his difficult “awakening to the feminine”, his funny tattoo, how he seduced Madonna, his dogs, vegetarianism … and other crisp info about the charismatic singer …

Julien Doré celebrates her 40th birthday July 7, 2022! The indomitable singer has often surprised at his ingenuity and his eclecticism and leaves no one indifferent. However, the (at times) overbearing artist cultivates mystery around his private life. We hardly know that he became a father in 2021 … It is hard”feminine awakening“his funny tattoo, his”lightning“with Virginie Efira, her dogs, fatherhood, the quarantine process, her sentimental life… What do you really know about the interpreter? Paris-Seychelles?

Julien Doré, fan of Jean d’Ormesson

Julien Dore was born on July 7, 1982 in Alès, in Gard. He was raised by a father eBay sells and a mother package preparer. After studying at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Nîmes, he creates the group Jean D’Ormesson’swhere he covers Disco successes in his own way.

Why did you choose the author’s name as the group name? “He is one I find extremely solar. We are in a period where people are sunny, doing well and we want to surround ourselves with them.“, He had explained to the show FREE ENTRY. Later he tattoos the name of the group (and the deceased academic) on the arm. The art of having music in your skin …

Julien Doré, teenager “shy” with girls

As a teenager Julien Doré often train jackets” with the girls. “That’s the least we can say. And for a modest, shy and hypersensitive, the years of awakening to the feminine have been tough. You could say I have a good locker room on that side“, He remembered with the media Kostar.

Julien Doré: his “love at first sight” with Virginie Efira

In 2007 Julien Dore become known to the public by participating (and winning) The New Star. At that time, the program was presented by Virginie Efira … who fell in love with the singer (kindly). “I fell in love, not in lovebut from person to person. I thought it was amazing. He was quirky, funny, smart… I was pretty shy at first“, Remembered the actress in 50 Min Inside.

And to clarify:We are friends. I feel like I know him closely. And vice versa (…) We talk about our lives, men, women (…) When we see each other, we drink tea. Julien has life as a grandmother.

Julien Doré has “conquered” Madonna

Thanks to his passage in The New StarJulien Doré turns many heads in France … but not only! Madonna personally succumbed to the charm of the blonde with long hair. “Jean-Paul Gaultier sent the passage by Julien Doré, who sang the front page of Madonna (Like A Virgin, editor’s note) to the interested and she had been conquered“, says Frédéric Quinonero, author of the book Julien Doré: on the edge of pop, in the documentary Julien Doré: the free electron.

Julien Doré: his famous ex-girlfriends

When it comes to his romantic relationship, Julien Dore understand to be discreet. The singer, wins New star in 2007, lived beautiful romances with Louise Bourgoin between 2007 and 2010, then with the actress Marina handsfrom 2010 to 2012, which he had encountered on the set of Together we must live a very, very big love story …. “This love changed the man and the artist in me, and it will always live in both of us. “he confided in SHE.

Julien Doré was Marina Hands’ “great love”.

In 2011, the actress had also starred in the clip of the singer, Summer Summer. “Julien was my great love. Having played in his clip L’été Summer was a way of expressing my feelings. It looked like our relationship, which was very beautiful and true“, she told us. But since these romances, the artist has let the mystery hang over his girlfriend’s identity …

Julien Doré “can not live without loving a woman”

During an interview for Psychologiesreturned the young father to his album with the title Aimee and the themes he addresses in his opus published in September 2020. “As a man, he’s still important to me. I can not live without loving a womanthe feminine occupies a huge place in my life … Even though it’s in AimeeI talk more about my mother and my grandmother“, He started. Julien Doré, who announced in March 2021 that he was a father, did he finally find the shoe that suited him?

Julien Doré, fulfilled in her sentimental life

“It’s also because I’m in one more peaceful romantic relationship“, The column’s column trusted the interpreter Kiki, which thus confirmed to be good and true as a couple. A new balance that has disrupted the way he composes his titles.

My previous albums were nurtured by stories that I lived at the time: intense, passionate, full of ‘also. Today I understood that happiness is much more beautiful when you just live it. I no longer need to make this intimate exist in song to be happy“, finished Julien Doré, visibly very happy with her new life.

Julien Doré: what fatherhood has changed

Julien Doré, now a father, is a new man. “Being a father makes me want to get better. I can not both be responsible for a presence on this planet and allow myself to sink into pessimism«, He confided Tele-Fritid.

Julien Doré and his dogs

Julien Doré is the proud owner of two dogs, Simone and Jean-Marcyoung white Swiss shepherds (who made one with in his music video waf). “They are extremely intelligent dogs. Simone is quite lonely, she almost has the character of a cat. She is ingenious and does not spontaneously obey absurd orders. Jean-Marc is a good dough that requires a lot of love«, He confided Current wife.

Julien Doré: why he is a vegetarian

Julien Doré has been a vegetarian for several years. “my vegetarianism is not directly related to animal protection. It is a most human reasoning and for the benefit of the planet we live on. What worries me most is intensive agriculture. Because it causes 40% more pollution than transportation“, he explained to the media Influence.

Julien Doré, is facing the quarantine process

Does Julien Doré fear the passage of time? It told the singer, who is celebrating his 40th birthday Tele-Fritid: “I’m not afraid to take this leap because I achieved all the things that I thought I would achieve later: come back to live at home and become a father. Over the last five years, I have taken much stronger steps that have allowed me to calm down“.

Julien Doré, jury member of The Voice Kids

Soon you will be able to find Julien Dore as a jury member for The Voice Kids, which will be published in 2022! “I had been saying no to ‘The Voice’ adult version for years. But I found out that every time ‘The Voice Kids’ came on TV, I started watching. There was something that touched me too much, I do not know. I love the show. And so when they proposed to me this year, I said yes all the way”The singer explained PureCharts.

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