the animal pensions are full for the season

In Vienna, most boarding houses for dogs and cats no longer accept new animals during the summer holidays. Seats are even reserved several months in advance.

It is a hotel complex for animals located in the middle of the Chauvin countryside. The Bois-Clerbault and Cat Pat pensions can accommodate up to 18 dogs and as many cats, housed in individual boxes and enjoying enclosed outdoor spaces. An ideal solution for owners who want to go on weekends or holidays without their four-legged friend. Managers Sandra and Patrick Radureau no longer count the phone calls to reserve a seat during the summer. “It’s about ten calls a day, emails, text messages not included …”, confesses the grant couple.


Only these former dog breeders refuse to accept new customers. “We have been full since April until October. We definitely have a few places in September, but they will fill up quickly, “Sandra explains. She and her husband can count on a regular clientele that radiates a hundred kilometers around.” They are often people on holiday, but also hospitalized or on professional practice “, Patrick clarifies. Sector veterinarians also encourage them to be on call if necessary.

We have always been fully booked in the summer, but we refuse much earlier than five years ago.

Sandra Radureau, co-granting two boarding houses for animals, Chauvigny

But what is especially changing after two years marked by the health crisis is the expectation. “We have always been busy in the summer, but we refuse much earlier than five years ago,” says Sandra, who explains the increase in requests in the search for comfort and tranquility. “When we started, it was not in the morale. The more it goes, the more people leave without their animals and take the step with the pension rather than with the neighbors.”

A phenomenon observed elsewhere in the department. This is the case at Domaine du Grand Castang, Top-of-the-range dog and flineboarding Montreuil-Bonnin, which is no longer available between July 23 and mid-August. “We have people all the time, people do not hesitate to put their animals in several times a year,” testifies Vronique Alby, the leader who can accommodate up to 100 dogs, with individual park and cabin and 50 cats.

Seats have already been reserved for Christmas or even 2023

“It’s more and more complicated to find a place, and people do it too late. My customers are used to booking six months in advance,” confides Carole-Victoria Debord, head of the Nanny hairballs boarding house, Jaunay-Marigny. “People are even starting to book now for Christmas parties,” she adds. Even better, Sandra and Patrick Radureau have already blocked slots for February 2023. “Those regulars book as soon as they pick up their animals.”

However, there is no question of increasing the capacity of their two pensions, as the activity is regulated according to the number of animals admitted and the distance from homes. “And we must not exceed more than € 34,200 in VAT,” they add. Those responsible prefer to fight for the creation of livestock compensation and pension management positions in Viennathey want to call in a professional … from Auxerre so they can go on holiday as pet owners.

Poitiers SPA takes care of

Its main mission is to collect stray or abandoned animals. But the SPA (Rescue and Protection of Animals) in Poitiers can also keep dogs on holiday. “We are full from mid-July to mid-August, but we still have places in the first half of July and the second of August,” says Caroline Langlois, volunteer. The association has about twenty places (indoor and outdoor stalls) and a double stall for the same owner’s dogs. To take advantage of it, sign up for the SPA for an annual fee of € 26 and pay € 7 per person. day or € 48 per. week. Accommodation and food are provided. “If there are specific needs, please ask when booking.”

Such expensive places with animal keepers

Faced with the lack of places in pensions and kennels in the summer, pet owners cater more to pet keepers. These nannies have the special thing of going home to feed, change water, clean the cat’s litter box, walk the dog on a leash, blink and even provide care or medical treatment.

But here, too, activity is in full swing in July and August, as confirmed by Lela Dorr, who has lived in Chtellerault for five years. “I have been denying people since the beginning of June. In previous years it was not finished so early, especially with Covid”, assures the head of Patoune d’or, which operates within a radius of 12 km and is limited to ten visit every day. “A passage lasts 45 minutes. It is up to me to manage my time, knowing that it is also necessary to count the travel time,” she clarifies.

Pet sitter at Chtellerault, Lela Dorr is full in July and August.

© Photo Anthony Floc’h

Even felt for Manon Martinez, who set up his pet care company, La Patte Cline, four years ago in Poitiers. “This is my first that the reservations have gone so fast. It was well expected a month and a half before. But I have people who always call me at the last minute ”, says the person who takes care of dogs, cats and new pets (fish, birds, reptiles, etc.).

Still space for other colleagues

As their summer was more than full, the two professionals did not hesitate refer potential customers to other colleagues in their area. But most are also sold out during the period. “I think an extra pet sitter would be quite appropriate Chtellerault,” says Lela Dorr. “Because I can not turn to other people other than those registered on pet care sites.” “It would not be competition, but mutual aid,” adds Manon Martinez, who shares the same problem in the Poitevin metropolitan area.

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