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The last weekend in June, the 2nd edition of Nature is Bike took place. The various gravel routes on the program were organized between Normandy and the Pays de la Loire.

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Nature is Bike is above all the big Gravel festival in France. On June 23, 24 and 25, the Gravel and Adventure Bike Show took place in the heart of Angers, Place de la Rochefoucauld. For the second edition of the event, the show opened its doors to 4,300 visitors, who discovered the news from 80 exhibitors.

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On Friday 24 June at 06.00, 500 participants left Normandy landing beaches to reach Angers. In the ultra ride or Bikepacking version over 2 days, participants had to cover 312 km and 2640 altitude meters in less than 20 hours during Gravel of Legend Legendre. At the start of the Château de Lassay, the Gravel 150 Chrono Sram also allowed riders to challenge themselves on 5 timed sections.

Gravel of Legend events

  • Gravel of Legend Ultra 300: It is one of the most important events. The 500 participants had to cover the course’s 317 km, greased by the rain that fell the day before. They had 20 hours to cross Normandy and the Pays de la Loire. Gravel of Legend is not a race, but an “Ultra” semi-autonomous Gravel bike ride.
  • GOLD Bikepacking Specialized: This is the same route as the previous one, but the competitors were not entitled to any assistance and therefore had to reach Angers in total autonomy. GOLD Bike Packing is not a race, but a Gravel Ultra bike ride of more than 300 km, which must be completed in 36 hours in autonomy.
  • Gravel150 Chrono Sram: This year, the event was open to cyclists seeking performance. Gravel 150 chrono Sram was the only race on the program. This 150 kilometer long event included in total autonomy 5 timed sections.

Credit: F-BOUKLA

On Sunday, on the trails of Angers Loire Métropole, participants at the start of Gravel 50 Bryton, Gravel 100 DT Swiss and Bikepacking 80 LIV were able to appreciate the Loire landscapes. A total of 1150 participants from 12 nationalities and 69 departments took part in the various rides offered by Nature is Bike.

Nature is cycling

  • Gravel 100 DT SWISS: 100 kilometers long, the track consisted mainly of trails and paths. Something to please nature lovers who want to discover new landscapes.
  • GRUS 50 BRYTON: This hike, open to mountain bikers, gave participants the opportunity to discover Angers and its surroundings. Participants then headed towards Angers via the Loir Valley. A gourmet stop marked the route to recharge your batteries.
  • BIKEPACKING 80 LIFE: It is not a race, but an 80 km Gravel Ultra bike ride that must be completed independently in less than 24 hours. Without hours, without classification or performance measurement, it is done in accordance with the highway code.
  • GRUSFEST CESBRON VELOLAND: An unusual course in the heart of the Haut-Anjou plateaus. On the program for the participants, barbecue evening, Angevin drink and musical entertainment around the fire. The return was at dusk for an unusual nightly Gravel experience.

Credit: F-BOUKLA

Thierry Gintrand, organizer of “Nature is Bike”

“The nature is BIke is dhappened instead ofcollection there vsgra communityveI, of enthusiasts, adventurers, athletes, but also adventurers, tothemselvesent ssmall island-one fatnds. that gravel festival and bicycleo of adventure was born at HAVEngers and has found its natural playground here! »

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