Discover Canada this summer

Experience the essentials of this country and calmly prepare for an unforgettable journey!

Administrative formalities before departure to Canada: the electronic travel authorization

Before entering Canadian soil, it is necessary to perform certain administrative procedures. Depending on nationality, it is thus necessary to achieve a visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) to visit the country.

What is the electronic travel permit?

The Electronic Travel Permit (eTA) is a document that is electronically attached to a traveler’s passport. This is an entry requirement that allows the traveler to stay in the country. The electronic travel permit is valid for a period of five years. It is possible to make several stays in Canada with AVE (up to 180 days per entry). When changing passports, it is necessary to make a new application for eTA.

So when preparing for your trip, it is important to perform the procedures quickly to get this document and avoid any disappointment. Specialized websites allow you to quickly get eTA to visit Canada, and with just a few clicks you can apply. The deadlines as well as the prices are stated to allow you to make your request with complete peace of mind.

AVE is required for French nationals traveling to Canada for the following reasons:

  • tourist stay,
  • family visits,
  • business trip,
  • air transit in the territory.

You will be prompted for documents to perform AVE.

What documents must be submitted to obtain AVE?

When applying for eTA online, you need to answer a number of questions, including:

  • your job,
  • your address,
  • your marital status,
  • the name of your employer, etc.

You will have to give a copy of your valid passport, and a valid email address. A debit card will also have to pay the application fee. It is important to carefully check the category: tourist visa, business visa or other visas.

Stay in Canada: beautiful discoveries for an unforgettable stay

A large country, Canada is made up of several provinces, very different from each other. You can thus orient your stay, according to your preferences: rather nature or discovery of urban environments.

Visit Quebec: what not to miss

What would a stay in Quebec be without going through the city of Montreal! Very cosmopolitan and especially appreciated by travelers, Montreal has many facets that will surely seduce you!

Mount Royal Park

If you go to the city, you will be surprised to discover its many parks and green areas. Mount Royal Park is a must-see place in the city For nature lovers. Green surroundings over several hectares in the heart of the city. You will have an impressive view of the whole city! The place is called “The Mountain” by the Montrealers because it really is a highlight that delights athletes and other walking enthusiasts.

A must visit if you want to discover unique flora and fauna in the heart of the city!

Old Montreal

This neighborhood has a unique and intoxicating atmosphere. You truly return to the past and you will inevitably succumb to the crazy charm of these small cobbled streets, these colorful buildings and its mythical harbor.

You can participate in many activities during the summer period. Old Montreal is a very lively neighborhoodt, the perfect place to engage in outdoor activities, including water sports.

Sainte-Catherine Street

It’s hard to live in Montreal without discovering the famous Sainte-Catherine Street, a shopping hotspot for locals. It is one of the longest commercial arteries in the country, stretching over ten kilometers. If you are a fan of shopping (Quebec designation for shopping), you will find the biggest fashion brands to please you!

Rue Sainte-Catherine is very dynamic, especially in summer where you can attend many events.

Stay outdoors in Canada, the places you need to see

Let’s leave Montreal and city life to discover places that will seduce nature lovers. Among these we can especially mention:

  • Moraine Lake in the province of Alberta,
  • Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia,
  • Montmorency Falls, Quebec,
  • Spirit Island in Alberta,
  • Jasper’s famous park,
  • Lake Louise.

This is just a small selection of the natural wonders you can experience locally, depending on which province you want to explore. Canada offers beautiful large rooms to discover during summer hikes. A pleasure for those who want to get away from the throng of big cities!

Niagara Falls, a must visit in Canada

If you live in Ontario, you can not miss visiting the famous Niagara Falls. These majestic falls flow between American and Canadian territory. On the Canadian side, it is possible to discover the waterfalls by boarding famous Maid of the Mist ship, one of the most famous attractions in the area. You will be able to get closer and feel the intense energy from the falls. An incredible experience!

On site, it takes several hours to discover the place, which is invaded by many tourists, all year round! The waterfalls are a marvel of nature and offer a magnificent sight in the summer, but also in the middle of winter when the landscape is completely frozen.

This is just a selection of the wonders to discover during a stay on Canadian soil. Whether you live in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta or another province in the country, the richness of the landscapes will amaze you, making your stay unforgettable.

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