La Micro-Folie settles in Ussel (Corrèze) for a motionless journey to the heart of art

Micro-folie d’Ussel yesterday launched its thematic visits to the Bénédit barn, which was renovated for the occasion, in the heart of the sub-prefecture of Corrèze. Landscapes of all kinds will be in the spotlight, for the benefit of the curious until 31 December 2022. As a reminder, Micro-Folie is a cultural project run by La Villette in collaboration with twelve national museums.

A first in Corrèze

Following the selection of its project, Ussel will be the first city in the department to establish a Micro-foil

. The aim: to decentralize the collections of twelve French national museums in order to make them accessible in rural areas.

“The idea is to develop access to art for all and dissemination for all age groups,” explains Isabelle Gay, head of the city’s Culture and Events Department. To do this, two different modules are made available to visitors.

At the entrance, Émilien, a film student in Paris, and mediator in July, opens the doors of the Bénédit barn to Ussellois. Visitors are carried along on this landscape journey through the centuries.

Virtual reality is offered to visitors.

In front of the public are placed tablets and headphones, chairs facing a giant screen. On it rolls a continuous stream of works of art. From The Virgin and the Child to Jackson-Pollock via a concert by Avishai Cohen, you are free to “like” the works using your tablet. A cartel and a biography accompany the curiosity of people passing through. It is possible to learn with educational mini-games. The game of teasing, coloring and puzzles helps to discover the most beautiful pieces from the national collections.

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A new sports field in the middle of the city of Ussel (Corrèze)

Virtual reality transports the viewer

The second, more innovative module is the virtual reality headset, which allows you to travel through different landscapes, rural, urban, nightly or daily. This sensory experience brings the viewers closer to the presented works and landscapes. The videos exposed to virtual reality, which come from Artes programs, allow a total immersion at the same time educational and entertaining.

Bénédit-laden in Ussel.

“For the selection of works around landscapes, the playlists are composed by us by drawing from a panel proposed by the various national museums”, Emilien clarifies in communication at Micro-Folie. In this room, which is open all summer, there is also a FabLab (participating manufacturing room) equipped with especially two 3D printers and a digital embroidery, available to everyone. With Micro-Foil, the national museums become neighbors to the people of Ussel.

Paul Dubois

Photos: Agnes Gaudin

The micro-madness in Egleton’s CDMA will be inaugurated tomorrow at 17.00.
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