The future reception area for travelers in Pré-Poitiers in Nevers worries residents and shoppers

During the last municipal council of the Nevers Agglomeration, on Saturday 25 June, local delegates voted in favor of acquiring a one-hectare plot of land, located in the Pré-Poitiers area, near the headquarters of the Nevers Agglo, Tanéo and la Cuisine. This is where the future permanent reception area for Travelers should lie. The work should start soon.

As soon as they heard of this future area, local residents and merchants mobilized and opened a petition (487 signatures). They question the lack of consultation on this project. This Wednesday, July 6, early in the evening, a demonstration was planned on private land, a few meters from the land acquired by Nevers Agglo. This was annulled and did not fall within a regulatory framework.

A meeting with Amandine Boujlilat

Some local residents were able to meet on Monday, July 4, representatives of the community dedicated to service to travelers. A new interview should be scheduled with Amandine Boujlilat, Vice-President of the Nevers Agglomeration, responsible for citizenship in particular, who could not be present during the first interview.

This detailed characteristics of this future equipment, which will make it possible to accommodate twenty families on a temporary basis. Explanations.

It is first necessary to recall a few elements of a legislative nature. The merging of Nevers with this new area is in line with the state’s obligations. “We are subject to a departmental itinerary over 5 years. It is also an obligation to have a permanent reception area in the city center, hence Nevers. In the period 2014-2019, with avenue du Stand, we were no longer in the seams. It was opened in 1992. It is no longer worthy of living conditions. It is a situation that is no longer livable for both travelers and local residents ”.

Resettlement of travelers in Nevers: a first family has left avenue du Stand

“The new department plan, established for 2020-2026, provides for the closure of the avenue du Stand area and the creation of a permanent reception area on another site.”

Rules for staying in this permanent reception area

Amandine Boujlilat talks about the equipment of the future: “This future area will not look like avenue du Stand at all”. Some families have settled there since its inception. “They hardly travel anymore and are sedentary.”

What are the solutions to accommodate travelers in Nevers Agglomeration?

It is also no longer a question of not paying taxes (water and electricity) or rents. “Travelers are full citizens. Future travelers must comply with a regulation to stay in this permanent reception area:” We pay a right to park and rent. This will be managed by a service provider. An agreement will be signed with an administration sheet for payments. “Inputs and outputs will be controlled. CCTV will be in place. It will be the hyperframe,” the elected official insisted.

This area will be for families who are going to land in Nevers in a few weeks

Last precision and not least: the families in this area will be in transit. “This area will be for families who are going to land in Nevers for a few weeks but who are traveling. It is unlikely that we have twenty families at the same time ”.

Amandine Boujlilat hears the fears of local residents and traders, “we are at their disposal, also to reassure them”.

The area, avenue du Stand. It will close. The new equipment “is not intended to accommodate the families on avenue du Stand”. Personal follow-up and rehousing processes have been initiated on avenue du Stand. In addition, this new area will make it possible to avoid all illegal parking in the parking lots, “last year we managed 15 to 20 groups in the Western Zone. If we had had a fixed reception area, we would have been able to avoid this situation.

Gwenola Champalaune

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