Hexplo, a tool for creating cycling routes

Bicycle travel is in vogue and some are talking about it as the future of the holiday. Emmanuel Brault, the founder of Hexplo, is passionate about cycling tourism and wanted to create a tool that democratizes this activity. This web application, Hexplo, facilitates green tourism by describing the route and the places of interest along the way. Is this the Waze of the future for cycling?

Hexplo, an app for cycling routes

Emmanuel Brault’s platform, Hexploallows cycling tourists to plan their routes. Before you go on a bike ride, you can now find out which stretches take place on the network of bike routes, bike paths, departmental or country roads. The path does not quite suit you? That interactive card allows you to change the route as you wish, add intermediate points.

This tool for creating routes reveals you all the details on the course: the distance, travel time, terrain type, altitude profile and the cumulative elevation gain. Now you can cycle by knowing all the variables. This allows you to equip yourself properly and manage your efforts.

A platform that suggests experiences

Hexplo, route calculationNot only does Hexplo allow you to calculate your route, but this platform reveals places of interest, route tips and bivouac points. All a 360º experience !

Thanks to collaboration contentyou have the opportunity to share yours favorite sites. If you add places you want to visit on the road, the platform will recalculate the route.

In addition to accompanying you on the road, Hexplo guides you and helps you organize your vacation. Small advice, places you must not miss, accommodation … Everything is there for make your cycling experience easier.

If your ride is not a loop, the platform allows you to do so find bus or train tickets to go or return. With solutions adapted transport of your bikeof course!

How does the Hexplo app work?

This application for long distance cycling offers more basic features for free. To unlock all the tools, you must subscribe (without obligation) to 30 euros a year. A very small monthly sum, which amounts to 2.50 euros per month. Before taking the plunge, the user benefits from one 7 day free trial.

To get the most out of Hexplo, just choose a place of departure, a destination and then edit the route by adding waypoints. Since the app caters to all profiles of bike tourists, you can determine the degree of difficulty. To do this, you can choose how many kilometers you want to drive per day, or in how many stages you want to drive the route.

To dig everything up travel information (paved road, bike path, gravel, path, etc.), Hexplo uses data and technology from Google Maps. It gives you a better overview of the bike routes you can take.

The Waze of Cycling awaits the opinions of cyclists

Emmanuel Brault knows that its platform has a permanent need for development. To improve this tool for bike rides, he trusts user reviews and feedback.

So if you are an experienced cyclist or want to try a first experience in bikepacking, do not hesitate to test this platform. His idea is that democratize bicycle travel and his goal is to improve his project.

More people will actively participate in sharing experiences, the more the application will be useful for the largest number. Currently available in web version, the founder intends to launch soon a mobile application. With about fifty users at the moment, Hexplo is promising and promises to be cyclists’ Waze !

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