Travel: a summer under pressure, but Lotois has a strong desire to go and book massively

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Travel was resumed at a hectic pace this summer, to the greater financial delight of specialized agencies. The strikes have somewhat dampened their enthusiasm, not the envy of travelers.

“Voyage, voyage”: Desireless’ song, more current than ever, urges people to travel far from Lot, to change scenery, get away from it all and not leave their desire to leave or their suitcase at home. Lot travel agencies are experiencing an unusual situation. Unpublished even.

Everyone agrees that “the situation has clearly been relaxed after the end, in part, of the health crisis. Reservations have been restarted very strongly for all destinations. Then the war in Ukraine and now the risk of strikes at airports and train stations hampered the enthusiasm of many travelers.

“We were on drop for two years”

Stéphane Mondin, director of the travel agency Jet Evasion Tourisme in Cahors, perfectly sums up in one sentence the feeling that prevails among professional tour operators and travelers. “We’re going to live a summer under pressure, but the Lotois have a strong desire to leave, despite some difficulties associated with the strikes, sometimes. They come to the agency to ask us for advice and make their decision.”

Stéphane Mondin acknowledges difficult times that he hopes not to relive. “You could say that we were on drop for two years. We could open, of course, but then we were forced to close. Last summer we sold almost exclusively trips to France or also to Spain, Italy and Portugal. It all started up really strong again, for major destinations like the US have reopened. It changed the situation. Canada too. In short, long-haul flights except to Asia, Russia and Ukraine of course, ”notes the tour operator from Cahors.

The winning destinations for this summer 2022

“The people of Lot traveled very little during these two years. So the need is intense. The first reservations were registered in March 2022, and the desire is so strong that we are currently registering trips for the autumn and the holiday period at the end of the year, ”rejoices Stéphane Mondin.

This summer’s big winners are: Greece and the Greek Islands, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, then the regions of France, Spain, Italy, local destinations.

Fear of cancellations anyway, due to lack of staff

“The strikes of recent days have given rise to some fear, but not panic. We will see. Air travel can be a problem due to staff shortages. But it’s like everywhere. Like in restaurants. Except that in a plane, if the staff is missing, do not fly. The companies work on a just-in-time basis. The risk is there. There is also a lack of control and security staff at airports. The ADP (Aéroports de Paris) was alerted for these reasons. Then suddenly the control takes longer, flights are canceled, we find fewer. Trained temporary staff are slower, so time is wasted. But people do not back down. It can be complicated, but they work, “insists Stéphane Mondin.

Significant increase in air fares

‘There are more inquiries than offers and therefore air fares are exploding. We must also consider the rise in fuel prices. Flights cost more, ”adds the tour operator.

Prolonged reservations reassure him. The travel world has seen much better times, yes, but the worst part looks like the white trail left by a plane that gradually disappears into the sky. Stéphane Mondin and his colleagues want an even clearer horizon to see things more clearly this summer.

Cruises: summer offer

Without hesitation for Stéphane Mondin, in Cahors, when we interviewed him at his agency Jet Evasion Tourisme, where he worked with Maëlys last Friday: The good plan for the summer is the cruise.

“There are good prices. The cost is very limited. I am selling a lot of cruises this summer. Reception of young people under 18 is free in the parents’ cabin. In terms of comfort, hotels and restaurants, cruising is a very good product. It costs much less than a stay in, for example, the Balearic Islands or Tunisia.I’m still finding vacancies for cruises this summer.These are the rare opportunities that remain in “last minute” departures, he assures us.

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