Your reactions to the text “The all-inclusive travel package needs to be changed”

Many of you commented on Yves Baril *’s opinion piece on all-inclusive packages. Here is an overview of the emails received.

Posted at 2pm.

Smart on vacation

I completely agree. Cruise packages have been a little less popular since the pandemic because people have felt insecure in these breeding grounds of the virus. But creating a floating city that runs on oil and spreads its sewers everywhere is not particularly glorious either. An all-inclusive resort does not do much better by pumping up groundwater and drawing as much as possible from the locals. Why do we so much want to find ourselves on holiday in places where we are no longer responsible for anything and where the rules normally dictated by common sense no longer prevail? Let us ask ourselves questions, collectively and individually. We can also be wise on holiday.

Marie Andree Boivin

Travel locally

I want to start with a ” okay boomer »… I’m like you against food waste, but I’m wondering what you expected when you went there. By going there, you are participating in feeding this polluting system. And we must not lie to ourselves, the reality is that most of the pollution in these trips comes from aircraft emissions. As long as we rethink the waste in all-inclusives, why not review the model for our vacations completely and make sure to travel more locally, more ecologically? It will also have a beneficial effect on our local economy.

Pacôme Allain

Embarrassed and ashamed

Just got back from an all inclusive trip and had the same thoughts as this gentleman. I also felt ashamed and embarrassed towards less affluent employees. There is real waste and my hotel was a top-of-the-range hotel with European tourists. I do not know the solution, but we must rethink the trip.

France Michaud, Montreal

Food waste

I have worked for more than 30 years in the restaurant industry and I am aware that waste has always been a part of it. It’s really time to see it. There are so many people who do not have enough to eat.

Nicole Gibeault

Missing performances

Education, good citizenship, good manners… do these words mean anything to you? Instead of banning certain holiday formulas, let’s start by updating these performances if the disappearance is felt strongly far beyond the all-inclusive buffets.

Patrick Fiset

A good lesson

I completely agree with your comment. I have taken several all-inclusive trips before the pandemic, and the mess was disgustingly disgusting. The same scenario occurs on cruises. Five years before the pandemic, I spent my retirement months in countries where food so far is worth its weight in gold. All inclusive is over. I congratulate you on your article, if only it could serve as a lesson to the selfish people of this world.

Alice Levy Knafo

No more buffets

So much truth in this article. We have just returned from a stay in a region of Quebec and I made the same sad observation. Crowded plates of food that have finally been eaten just a quarter of an hour to go, get another and do the same. And what’s more, the buffet formula is queen; one where everyone handles the same tools to help themselves. We know the virus is still circulating, that the seventh wave is among us, but nothing helps. It is served to those who are better better without the slightest concern for hygiene. No thanks, it’s over for us, the all-you-can-eat buffets. It’s outdated and outrageous, all this waste.

Hyacinth Benoit

A formula to review

The waste in the many buffets offered to all-inclusive travelers is truly unsettling, not to mention obscene. The buffet formula all you can eat open at all hours of the day and sometimes at night to be reviewed. As for shocking customers whose hotels take this approach, I think it’s a false excuse. On the contrary, I think many customers are ready for it. There is a way to offer a wide variety of meals in sufficient quantity while avoiding waste. This way of doing things also applies to our buffets. A few years ago (before the pandemic) I was shocked to see the staff at a chicken restaurant offering a monstrous salad bar filling the serving dishes to the brim as there were not as many customers than that and that the restaurant closed on less than 90 minutes. To my question “what do you do with the leftovers?” I got the honest answer: “Well, we’re throwing them out. »

Lucie Belanger

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