US Carcassonne – Mathieu Cidre: “Says after our highest level of performance”

Mathieu Cidre, who arrived at US Carcassonne in Federal 1 in 2009 as a player, has been the coach of the attackers on this team in Pro D2 since March 2016. Two weeks after resuming training, he takes stock of summer preparation.

What conclusions do you draw from these first two weeks of training?

It is a positive assessment in the sense that all players, necessarily old and especially new, adhere very quickly and react as much to the state of mind as to the physical demands. The tests taken at the recovery are generally quite good, as are the quality of the work they put into them, the quality of listening and above all the performance. There is a very good state of mind. We ended the week of Friday with a beach rugby in Valras. The environment is good.

So there is only positive?

The downside is that not everyone has arrived yet and that we are going to attack in the third week with especially two days of cohesion training. And unfortunately, not all players will have participated in the same effort as the others. To date, Mavinga, Harley, Sa, Onambélé, Méka, Aguillon and Désert are missing. In relation to the cohesive force, even though there are things that make us think that it will be good, we do not have too much time to work afterwards either. And if there is one lever that we want to activate immediately before we want to be perfect in terms of play, it is to be strong on the basics, but above all on the state of mind and the collective commitment that we will put into it.

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“It was our wish to start with an away game”

What is your opinion about the calendar that has just been published?

As for the sporting question, but also for a question about the availability of Domec, which is currently under construction, it was in any case a wish on our part to start with an away game. Afterwards, today it is difficult to identify a team that is more or less easy than others. But given the teams, we will play in a first rich block (Colomiers, Montauban, Béziers, Vannes and Biarritz, eds.), like many teams aiming for the top of the table, this will allow us to come back strong in terms of the championship and to know where we are. We need to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

19 departures, 17 arrivals, has American Carcassonne experienced an end to the cycle?

Of course in the sense that players who had been there for a while who had taken ownership of the project and had worked for the club either resigned or left legally as well. For some it is Top 14, others because they have given a lot and it is time to pass on the baton, to pass on to the youngest. So inevitably it is a transition and also a challenge that motivates us. And it is not easy, because in a very short time you have to build something strong. This is our first job, a relationship based on trust, that the players adhere to the environment, the function and the club’s DNA, that they manage to find benchmarks very quickly on our game.

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“Jordan Puletua’s return will take longer than expected”

And after all, you have ambitions …

We know what awaits us. We have lost quality players, picked up quality players, even some added value, but the most important thing is to develop them well together so that they play well together, but that does not stop us from wanting to be ambitious. Even if there was revenue. You need to create enthusiasm and momentum. The newcomers must be greedy to also experience a good season. Then we must not forget that there are also important boys left. We will trust them a lot. So yes, there is a construction site, but that does not stop us from being ambitious. A barrage at home is one of the club’s goals. So do we fix it at N + 1, N + 2 to reach maturity with this team that we are rebuilding? For our part, we will do everything to aim for our highest level of performance.

What about the desired additional reinforcements?

For the position as whore and second line, we will give ourselves time … although I know that in the long run, during the season, there will be a need for a close player in five. One must also be able to prioritize, and in terms of volume, we are currently missing a three-quarter center because Jordan Puletua is injured and his return will take a little longer than expected. There is an orientation about taking a medical joker in this position in the first place, then we will advise if we expand it as an extra player.

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