The 5 good reasons to adopt a VPN while traveling

Are you on holiday in Mexico, and between two cocktails and sunbathing you would like to see your current series, but the repeat is unavailable? Or you are on a business trip and while waiting for your flight at the airport, you wonder if it is really safe to connect to public wifi to work?

Good news! There is a solution to unblock these situations: VPN! Access to all your content from abroad, secure and anonymous browsing … Discover all the good reasons to use a VPN when you travel!

A VPN for more security …

If in Europe you can connect to the Internet without having to pay more than what is already included in your package (and at the same time share the connection with your computer), this is not the case anywhere in the world. And if you have not subscribed to an additional option, the use of your internet data can cost you as much as the total price of your stay (ok, we may be exaggerating a bit …)!

There are also many public wifi networks – available at airports, bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc. – available for free and often unlimited. A great way to talk to your loved ones, access your social networks, consult and book the activities you plan to do during your stay … Yes, but this is where things get complicated. Although these public networks are particularly convenient and often save us the trip, they are not secure! And it may be that your personal information or your bank details, without being aware of it, end up in the hands of malicious persons.

It makes sense to use a VPN. By encrypting your data, the VPN makes them unreadable and therefore eliminates any risk of hacking, allowing you to surf the web with complete peace of mind. Say goodbye to viruses and hackers! But how do you know which VPN to choose? We recommend NordVPN, simply because it is the market leader for VPNs in France!

2.… And intimacy during your travels!

Are you a big fan of Patrick Sébastien and do not want Google to know it? Although tastes and colors are basically not discussed and you have nothing to blame yourself (well, it’s up to you 😉), we agree that it is uncomfortable to feel monitored.

In many countries, laws and regulations are not sufficient to ensure that Internet users do not use their personal data and browser data. And in some even no regulation excites, as among others Saudi Arabia or Russia. Which brings us to the second reason to adopt a VPN while traveling. In fact, it will hide your IP address and hence your location, making you invisible to radars!

Access your favorite French series, movies and other content

Due to limited broadcasting rights at the borders, you will not be able to access French channels or their replays from most countries around the world. Once again, the solution has been found. With a VPN, you need to select a French IP address by connecting from anywhere in the world and you have access to all the content you want!

4. Unblock certain websites and applications

Some websites and applications, including social platforms and communication applications, that you are used to using freely in France, are not available in many other countries around the world. This is especially the case for social platforms in China, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Iran, etc.

With a VPN, you can bypass firewalls and unblock access to certain websites and applications censored by these governments simply by connecting to an IP address in another country.

Be careful though, using a VPN to circumvent the censorship imposed by these governments may seem attractive, but in reality, VPN use is illegal in some countries and can lead to severe penalties, even jail time! Other countries allow the use of a VPN, but may restrict its use. We invite you to find more information on this topic in this article and inquire before your trip.

5. Avoid blocking your credit card on the other side of the earth

Before the big departure, good students that you are, have you thought about calling your bank to inform them about your trip and at the same time increase your payment limits? But now, once you arrive at your destination, you accidentally block your bank card!

Even if you take your precautions, your bank may detect suspicious activity and, if in doubt, block your card to protect your account and your money. If it starts with a good intention, it can still quickly bother you with zero means of payment on the other side of the earth.

By conducting your online banking transactions using your geolocated VPN in France, your payments are secure and your banker can rest assured.

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