Climate distress: 5 films that encourage action

Job by Canal Cinema July 11, 2022

Like all the others, the cinema ecosystem is increasingly confronted with ecological problems, and that is a good thing. As the now infamous “Day of Overshoot” approaches, CANAL + launches the program “Climate: It Depends, It Exceeds”, whose film reminds us that the seventh art can also be a great way to create awareness and above all to inspire all generations to take action.

Endangered species to protect

Before we act to defend the planet, we must already pay attention to its beauty and fragility, as well as its fauna and flora that it protects. And to awaken this awakening, it’s hard to do better than THE SNOW PANTHER (2021), a not so surprising success at the French box office, both this documentary by the great nature photographer Vincent Munier and wild film specialist Marie Amiguet is dazzling. This duo joined the services of Sylvain Tesson, with whom he went to Tibet in search of a mythical animal that was supposedly invisible, the snow panther. For 90 minutes, the travel writer’s voice and incomparable words guide us through breathtaking wilderness, where the beauty of the images is enhanced by a magnificent soundtrack by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave.

THE SNOW PANTHER, which was nominated several times during the last César ceremony, very logically dominated in the category of Best Documentary. But also in terms of fiction, last year we saw a moving film about our relationship with wild animals: THE WOLF AND THE LION. Work by Gilles de Maistre, already noticed a few years ago in the animal genre with MIA AND THE WHITE LION (2018), this ideal feature film for young audiences tells the meeting between a wolf cub and a lion cub growing up together in the heart of the grandiose landscapes in Canada, in the company of a young woman who wants to save them from several dangers associated with human exploitation. The stars of the film are, of course, its animals, as this adorable wolf and lion are not in computer graphics, but in flesh, hair, and bones.

When the next generation takes action

It is good to realize how urgent it is to protect our ecosystems, but it is better to take concrete action. This is what the son of Laetitia Casta and Louis Garrel probably says to himself in LA CROISADE (2021), a lively comedy in which the duo plays a couple of bourgeois parents who are stricken with apoplexy when they discover the means their descendants use. to avoid climate disasters. Yes, in this third feature film directed by Louis Garrel – and the last script signed by Jean-Claude Carrière before his death – a teenager, like many other young people his age, decides to resell the valuables neither seen nor known by his parents for to participate in the financing of an ecological program as ambitious as it is mysterious … Like THE SNOW PANTER AND THE CROISAD, the documentary BIGGER THAN US (Flore Vasseur, 2021) was presented at the Cannes Film Festival last year, in a special section called “Cinema for the climate “.

And as in Louis Garrel’s film, we also follow the concrete initiatives of today’s young people in favor of defending the planet, but not only. Because if the one who acts as a common thread for BIGGER THAN US is an Indonesian activist (Melati) who is fighting the damage of plastic pollution in his country, this film produced by Marion Cotillard also highlights many other struggles led by young people from all . worldwide to defend, for example, the rights of women and refugees. Also selected in Cannes, but in 2020 this time ROUGE (Farid Bentoumi, 2021) is also to be seen, first and foremost for the performance of Zita Hanrot (César for Best Female Hope in 2016) as a young woman determined to investigate on an ecological and health scandal swept under the rug at the factory where her father works and where she has just been recruited. Partly thriller, partly feature film, ROUGE also highlights the generational, political and social tensions that climate issues arouse when they should bring us all together. Maybe the cinema will contribute to this?

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