Massive recall in France: this famous animal feed poses dangers to be completely avoided

According to the latest news collected from the government side Rappel Conso, certain batches of cat food should be avoided. Products recalled on July 8 can cause food poisoning in animals. Consumers should heed this warning to protect their pets or pets.

The product affected by this recall campaign

On the list of products selected for Friday, July 8, the government website mentioned Purina. The lot in question was listed as animal feed. This is a chicken based cat food.

It is more precisely “PURINA® PRO PLAN® Original Kitten 1 to 12 months, rich in chicken”. Those with bar code 7613036505307 with batch numbers 1325091108 should not be fed to animals. They were sold with an expiration date set for May 30, 2023 and June 30, 2023.

In addition to these, you should also avoid buying the product with the following references:

  • Lot 1325091106 with GTIN code 7613036545099
  • Lot 1324091104 with GTIN code 7613036505277
  • Lot 1351091108 with GTIN code 7613036505307

Pay attention to these references because you may be contributing to the poisoning of your cat.

Traces of a residue (2-CE)

The manufacturer had stated the reason for the recall of this product. If your cat ingests that food, it can be in great danger. This product is the subject of a recall campaign due to the presence of possible traces of a residue (2-CE). The pollution is said to originate from the water treatment used by one of the brand’s ingredient suppliers.

If you have already purchased the product with the aforementioned references, please contact Consumer Service as soon as possible. You have the choice between contacting the service whose number is: 0800226462 or destroying the product. If you call the given number, you will be able to benefit from a possible refund.

The consumer service number can be contacted in case of a problem. The choice is yours, but do not give the product to your pet. The same applies to the products that are recalled due to arsenic contamination.

Contaminated HIPPO TOP production

Foods produced by HIPPO TOP have also been recalled. The recall is urgent because the affected parties are contaminated with a dangerous poison. This is arsenic, the poison that created chaos between the Middle Ages and the 19th century.

Arsenic is dangerous because it is an undetectable and very harmful poison. Although the symptoms of poisoning using this poison are sometimes trivial, they can degenerate quite quickly. Poison is notorious for effectively causing death. According to Planète Santé, the biggest threat of arsenic poisoning comes from drinking water.

The World Health Organization has set a limit that must be met for water to be considered drinking water. The limit should not exceed 10 micrograms of arsenic per liters of water. Unfortunately, this limit is not always met. This is why food is contaminated with this molecule. This is the case for these HIPPO TOP products.

HIPPO TOP reported the following parties

The brand, which manufactures animal feed, had itself sounded the alarm. And this when it discovered traces of arsenic in its product. This is the Bio Tonic food from batches N5161DDLU12025. It is a dietary supplement for livestock.

The jars with the recalled product were sold between July 1, 2021 and April 25, 2022. The expiration date on the cans is December 1, 2025. If you have one or more of these 500 g food jars, avoid giving them to animals. This is advice given by the brand HIPPO TOP. Ingestion of a product contaminated with arsenic can actually cause diarrhea.

The product can be returned to the store where it was purchased. You can make an exchange for a refund.

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