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Elisabeth Bornes governmentsag

The new Minister for Territorial Communities, who has just left her town hall in Beauvais, is under fire from criticism from the left, especially for her views on marriage for all.

“It’s a bad ordeal that I’m being asked.” Since joining the government in early July, the new local government delegate, Caroline Cayeux, has defended herself as best she can. The former mayor of Beauvais, who was forced to give up the keys to his town hall under pressure from Matignon, has been caught up for his views on same-sex marriage.

In a column published Monday in the magazine Stubbornone hundred deputies, local elected officials and activists accuse him of old remarks about the law on marriage for all, passed in 2013. The reform, which was then implemented by the bodyguard Christiane Taubira, was qualified as “caprice” by former Senator LR of Oise. “Marriage for all and the right to adoption are not just a plan that goes against nature, but it is more serious.” would also have stated Caroline Cayeux in 2012.

The signatories of the forum do not indicate the context in which these comments were made. In the magazine’s columns, however, they challenge the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister “for a government without LGBTQIA phobias”. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and Transitional Ecology Minister Christophe Béchu are also targeted.

“Drowning a few communities with unjustified benefits”

Invited Tuesday morning by the public Senate, the minister declared that she “do not think I was talking about whimsy”. “Yes, then …”, she hesitated before assuring that she “now[enait] of course [s]is about”. And the 73-year-old chose to move on in good faith: “I have always said that if the law were passed, I would apply it.” At the time of the turbulent debates in the National Assembly and the Senate around the reform, which was described as one “pure conservative, representative of a reactionary right wing” by Sylvie Houssin, former Vice President (PS) of the General Council of Oise (in 2009, in Expressen), publicly expressed his opposition to marriage for all.

“The French have only one demand: that this debate not be confiscated, especially by organizations claiming to be representative of society.she launched in April 2013 in the Senate. Not only are these organizations not representative, but above all, they are not legitimate, as the communities in question do not need to be recognized by the state. “Is our democracy so sick that in order to give ourselves a good conscience, in order to ignore the social crisis, we are sprinkling a few societies with unjustified benefits?” she asked too. The right-wing senator at the time wanted to submit this reform to a referendum.

Unwavering support from François Fillon

In the columns of Parisianin 2012, she assessed it “the institution of marriage must be preserved in its present form”. She advocated a reform of PACS and ensured that “the law allows already single people to adopt children”. “Homosexuals can already adopt, she continued. However, it is not the facts that dictate the law. The law must affect the functioning of our society, not the other way around. “

This Tuesday morning, the minister assured her that she did not “never been a part of Manif pour tous”. “I never paraded, let’s be clear,” she said in the public senate. And to add, very awkward: “I have many friends among all these people [les homosexuels, ndlr] and honestly, it’s a bad ordeal that I’m being asked. It made me very sad. “

Since then, the minister has posted a message on Twitter: “My words have hurt many of you. I deeply regret them, they were obviously inappropriate. Equal rights must always be a priority in our action.”

Mayor of Beauvais since 2001, Caroline Cayeux has always described herself as a supporter of one “social law”, heir after Philippe Seguin. It was he, the former president of the National Assembly and figure of the RPR, who pushed him to seize his Beauvais stronghold. At the UMP at the time in Les Républicains, she showed herself in the 2012 and 2017 presidential elections as an infallible supporter of François Fillon. The former candidate for the Elysee Palace made no secret of his opposition to marriage for all. Inserted on the right since 1981, Cayeux then slammed the door on the LRs in 2018, following a disagreement with Laurent Wauquiez over the party line.

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