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Is your first dog coming soon? Future masters always ask themselves many questions in order to best welcome their little companion. In leather, nylon or metal, choose the best dog collar to identify your little companion. It is also the guarantee of safe walking.

It’s actually a legal obligation: any dog ​​that walks on the public highway, whether on a leash or not, must wear a collar with an identification medal. There are many models and it is important to buy the most comfortable collar for your pet. Choose it according to the size of your little animal and its behavior. A classic leather or nylon collar will actually be perfect for a quiet dog, while a training or anti-barking collar will be necessary for a more excited animal. There are also illuminated collars that reflect at night, halter to pull dogs, ultrasonic training collars, flea collars, ID collars, anti-suffocation collars for dogs and much more. It is to guide you in your choice of the best dog collar that we have prepared this small selection.


  1. The most comfortable
  2. The most design
  3. The most effective
  4. The most colorful

Kaka mall dog collar, with reflective effect

This collar is equipped with a soft padding, which makes it very comfortable to wear. It is also well ventilated and allows air to circulate around the dog’s skin. Its closure system consists of a strong and adjustable buckle that is easy to remove: it also has a metal push button, which guarantees an effective and safe closure. This dog collar can be adjusted in length and adapts to many breeds of dogs in different sizes. The cord fastening ring is made of zinc: you can also put a medal on it.

The Didog dog collar with engraved plate

This light and very flexible collar does not hinder the dog’s movements at all and works like any other skin. The hanging loop and D-ring are made with an iron that does not rust: ideal for dogs who like to bathe and walk in the rain! This necklace is adorned with a small plate, which you can have personalized when ordering, with the name of the animal and your phone number. Securely attached to the fabric of the collar, it is not likely to fall off.

Seresto dog collar, pest control

Intended for dogs weighing 8 kg and over, this antiparasitic dog collar guarantees uniform protection of your pet, from head to tail. It retains its effectiveness in case of moderate exposure to water and also reduces the risk of leishmaniasis for eight months. This collar does not spread odor and is therefore inconvenient for either the dog or his masters. It is the most economical solution to avoid having fleas in the habitat! Once you have it tight around your pet’s neck, cut off excess length.

Roses & Poetry dog ​​collar with D-ring

This adjustable collar incorporates a D-ring of zinc alloy that has benefited from an anti-rust treatment. Comfortable and light, it is suitable for dogs of small and medium breeds. Breathable, it allows air to circulate around the skin and does not irritate sensitive skin. This necklace can be hand washed and then air dried. It is easy to close and open, but the dog cannot take it by itself unless it is caught somewhere. In addition, you can customize the buckle closure of this cute dog collar.

How do you choose your dog collar?

In order to choose the right dog collar, several criteria must be taken into account: the size of your animal, the sensitivity of its skin and the practical function of the collar.

You must be able to fit two fingers between the dog’s skin and the collar. The tighter the dog could be strangled, and the wider he would take the collar off.

Some dogs with sensitive skin cannot tolerate the leather collar. In this case, you can choose nylon.

Choose a durable collar that you can easily put on and take off.

What are the different types of dog collars?

There are many types of dog collars that not only adapt to the breed and size of the animal, but also to its character.

The most classic collars are made of leather but they are also available in nylon, cotton or metal. This type of collar is used to attach a medal to the animal’s neck to identify it. There are necklaces with rhinestones, with tops etc.

Anti-bark collars are both effective and harmless to the animal. This type of collar sends a barking dog a small electric shock or beep to stop it. Some even spray a little lemongrass spray in the direction of the muzzle (an odor that dogs hate).

Illuminated collars with reflective strip are perfect for night trips. If you walk on the side of the road, your pet will remain in full view of motorists. On your part, you do not have to look long for it in the dark.

Exercise collars emit vibrations, ultrasound or small electro-stimulations. Painless, they help the dog discipline himself.

There are also anti-suffocation collars for dogs with a safety buckle. The best anti-suffocation collars have a zipper.

If your pet tends to run away, you can also opt for a collar equipped with a GPS tracker that allows you to follow its route in real time. GPS collars for dogs can even contain a distance limit.

What are the benefits of a dog collar?

The main benefits of a dog collar are two.

It identifies the animal. It is actually a legal obligation: Every dog ​​that is on the public highway must have an identification tag with a phone number.

The collar also allows you to put a string on to go for a walk.

Which collar to choose for a dog that pulls?

Choosing the right collar for your pulling dog will change your life. You can choose a dog halter that gently diverts attention from a stray dog.

Quite similar to a horse halter, the dog halter consists of a shoulder strap with a harness that attaches to the level of the animal’s neck and muzzle. When your dog pulls in one direction, you can direct his head to another vantage point to distract him.

Some owners prefer to choose a harness that also does not suffocate the dog when it pulls too much.

How to choose a dog training collar?

To choose a training collar for your dog, you need to take into account its size. The collar must be adjusted to your animal’s size and weight so as not to disturb it.

Also choose the collar according to the dog’s character. If it is large and difficult to control, choose a static stimulation model. A collar with sound signals or vibrations will be sufficient for a more compliant animal.

If you choose an electric collar, also consider the range of the collar. Some are limited to 200 meters, while other models can go up to 500 meters.

Do you plan to wear your dog’s collar all the time or just occasionally on walks? You really have to choose it according to its autonomy. Some training collars are battery-powered and good for occasional use, while others have batteries and can stay on for several months.

The training collar can be useful for masters who have trouble getting their pet to obey. This type of leash is intended to establish a relationship of trust between the dog and its master, and not to punish the animal for its indiscipline.

How to put on a dog collar?

To put on your dog’s collar properly, leave a two-finger space between the collar and your dog’s neck. If this is the first time you are putting a collar on your little puppy, choose a comfortable moment: when he eats, for example, or before you go for a walk. The animal will then associate wearing the collar with a walk or a meal and will quickly let go without pinching.

After a few days he is well used to it and you will be able to consider the first walks!

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