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Environment and purchasing power, CAPS ME is good for your wallet and the planet!

For more than a year, kits from the refillable coffee capsule specialist start-up have been distributed and marketed on the brand’s website and in around twenty Nature & Découvertes stores. A collaboration that testifies to the growing success of the innovative solution of recyclable capsules offered by CAPS ME, which is both more organic and more economical than disposable pods.

From the start of the next school year, 42 additional Nature & Découvertes stores, ie a total of 62 stores in the network, will offer CAPS ME packages to their customers.

Nature and discoveries x CAPS ME : a partnership that makes sense

In December 2021, that is, just 1 year after launch, CAPS ME reached a key stage in its growth: Its innovation arrived on the scene and on the shelves of about twenty Nature & Découvertes stores.

Its first packages – consisting of a “refill”, 3 recyclable capsules, 200 g of coffee and 45 compostable lids – were thus distributed in some of the largest cities in France within the first retail brand that had obtained the B Corp certification in 2015, which distinguishes companies with a positive social and environmental impact.

By entering into a partnership with the young start-up, founded by Jean de Boisredon (22 years) and Thibaut Louvet (23 years), students at engineering schools chose Nature & Découvertes products that are completely in line with their promise: to unite economic growth and respect for the planet. Uniform positioning valued by customers for more than 30 years.

In addition, the brand chose again made in France. In fact, CAPS ME roasts its coffee in Lille and Strasbourg, produces its packaging in Clermont-Ferrand, manufactures its compostable lids in Toulouse, prints its 3D refills in Nantes before having them assembled at the Palaiseau in Ile-de-France. .

CAPS ME, it rhymes with ecology and economics

In one year, the success of the CAPS ME kits is clear, and the very promising results have convinced the Nature & Découvertes brand to distribute the brand in 42 other of its stores.

The success of CAPS ME: to have been able to find a remedy that is both practical and economical against the ecological disaster caused by the production of coffee capsules.

20 billion individual capsules are used each year in the world, enough to circle the earth 14 times by placing the pods next to each other[1]. The problem is all the more acute as only 20% of them are recycled[2].

For CAPS ME, the solution is therefore to reuse, not to reuse. Admittedly, there are already recyclable pods, but they have never shone of their popularity, and their use requires daunting manipulations for the consumer. The patented device developed by CAPS ME allows you to refill a coffee capsule in about ten seconds with the right dose and the right pack. Each capsule can be reused indefinitely.

This ingenious system, which is crucial given the explosion in sales of pod coffee machines, gave the youngsters shooting a gold medal at the Lépine competition in 2021.

And what’s good for the planet and the palate is good for the wallet. At a rate of two coffees a day (French average), disposable capsule users spend an average of 540 euros a year, compared to 233 euros for owners of the CAPS ME solution. In other words, a difference of 307 euros!


CAPS ME is a French company launched in November 2020 by Jean de Boisredon and Thibaut Louvet, two engineering students. They have developed a set of Nespresso®-compatible stainless steel coffee capsules that can be recycled over and over again, and a refill that is specially designed to facilitate their use and thus reduce the coffee capsules’ environmental impact. In less than 2 years, CAPS ME has sold more than 10,000 sets and passed the 2.5 million capsules recycled by their customers. The winner of the Lépine Competition gold medal in 2021, the solution offered by CAPS ME, is both organic, economical, practical and Made in France.

About nature and discoveries

Since 1990, Nature & Découvertes and its customers have been committed to a more sustainable lifestyle through a range of products and experiences that are engaging, innovative and inspiring. The brand is present in Europe with 109 stores and on its website

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