Our selection of dog mattresses and covers 2022

It is important to choose a mattress for your dog carefully. Our dogs need comfort, especially as they get older. A memory foam dog mattress is ideal, not to mention its removable dog cover for optimal hygiene.

Whether it is on the floor in the living room, in a basket or a cage, the dog bed is the place where your pet spends the most time. It is therefore conceivable that this purchase was not made easily. A mattress should be comfortable; so it should be quite thick and soft, the ultimate is the dog bed with memory foam. It should also be easy to clean; you can choose a waterproof dog mattress that is wiped with a sponge or a removable dog mattress with a machine washable cover. Of course, you need to take into account the size of your companion. Again, do not panic, dog bedding comes in several sizes from S to XL. And if your budget is tight, there are also cheap dog mattresses.


  1. The lightest
  2. The softest
  3. The nicest
  4. The best value for money
  5. The most luxurious

The washable and non-slip fleece mattress for dogs

Allisandro This machine-washable dog mattress consists of a fleece top layer nicely decorated with bone-shaped patterns and a non-slip bottom layer. With a thickness of 2 cm, it is ideal as an over-mat on an armchair, in the car or even when traveling. A cozy rug that comes in three sizes. It is perfect for protecting the sofa from hair or not very clean paws: a real anti-hair dog mattress!

Billion Foam Orthopedic Dog Mattress

This thick dog bed (10 cm) is perfect for animals suffering from osteoarthritis. Well padded, it is also recommended for dogs of large breeds to avoid hard skin on the elbows. Finally, its very soft cover can be removed and machine washed. A comfortable and practical dog mattress for everyone! It is available in 2 lengths: 89 and 104 cm and can complete a cage or a basket.

Kerbl Memory Foam Dog Mattress

The thermoelastic memory foam shapes perfectly to the curves of your dog’s body for outstanding comfort. The washable dog cover in imitation sheep wool provides extra warmth and softness. The back is non-slip to avoid inappropriate slipping. This mattress will delight all old dogs suffering from osteoarthritis, but young people will also quickly adopt it! It is available in 3 sizes for all breeds.

Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Mattress

Ideal for relieving pets with osteoarthritis or preventing hard skin or pressure ulcers, this dog mattress is made of durable and breathable orthopedic foam with a thickness of 8 cm. For added comfort, the removable, washable cover has a plush sherpa winter side and a cooler summer side. It comes in 3 sizes from 76 to 112 cm in length, so it fits all dog breeds. In addition, its price is also very low!

Buster Memory Foam Dog Mattress

With its length of 120 cm, this dog mattress will delight dogs of large to giant breeds. Its very qualitative memory foam responds to body heat to adapt perfectly to its shape and avoid unpleasant pressure points. The super soft dog cover can be easily removed for machine washing; in addition, it is possible to purchase an extra cover. This mattress is also ideal for preventing bedsores on very old dogs that move a little.

Why buy a dog bed?

A dog mattress will serve as sleeping space for your pet. It will be his own little corner, for the night or just to rest during the day.

The advantage of a mattress is that it is of good thickness and therefore more comfortable. This is especially indicated for:

Dogs suffering from osteoarthritis or dysplasia

Older dogs with pressure ulcers

Dogs of large breeds with hard skin on the elbows

· Dogs squatting on the couch because it’s more comfortable than their basket!

How to choose a mattress for your dog?

Your dog’s new bed must be perfectly adapted to your companion.

You must take into account:

Its size: there are different sizes to suit all breeds from Yorkshire to Leonberger

His build: A heavy Labrador-type dog requires a thicker mattress than a Chihuahua

Its weaknesses: for an animal suffering from arthritis or at risk of developing joint problems (such as the German Shepherd), choose a dog mattress with shape memory or thick foam

His way of life: For a dog that gets very dirty, a removable dog mattress is essential

· Your lifestyle: If you travel a lot, take into account the size of the mattress. A very soft dog mat can be a good compromise.

How to clean a dog bed?

A waterproof dog mattress can be easily cleaned with a sponge, but it may be less comfortable.

For convenience, choose a removable dog mattress. When it’s dirty, just put the cover in the washing machine to find a small bed like new! Some brands offer a replacement dog cover: a very good idea!

How to avoid the smell of a dog bed?

You can reduce odor nuisance by regularly washing the dog cover and choosing a mattress with breathable foam. This technology prevents bad odors from stagnating in the substances.

Another option: use a dog mattress that is impervious to dirt … but also to odors.

The ideal would be to ventilate it regularly by placing it on the windowsill or on the terrace for a few hours.

What should you be aware of when buying a dog bed?

Your mattress must be comfortable, hygienic, non-slip and safe.

For comfort, you can choose a memory foam dog mattress that adapts perfectly to the morphology of your pet. For a foam bed, a thickness of 8 cm is the minimum to look for.

For hygiene, there is nothing better than a removable and machine washable dog cover. Our little companions are sometimes real little pigs, and this device is far from superfluous.

If you do not want your dog bed across the living room, you can place it in a corner or choose it with a non-slip side; it will prevent slipping on the tiles or parquet.

Finally, pay attention to the finishes: the seams and zipper on the cover must be solid.

How long can a dog bed last?

It all depends! First from your buddy: A small Bichon-type lap dog will charge its bed less than a crazy Australian Shepherd dog!

Some animals are very destructive and can attack their mattress. Not only can it not last long, but ingestion of foam or pieces of fabric can cause intestinal obstruction. Be careful !

Of course, a quality accessory is made to last a long time, a cheap dog bed may be less durable.

For optimal comfort of your dog mattress, remember to regularly check that the foam has not collapsed.

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