WSOP 2022 – Winamax

We present to you the Main Event marathon runners in search of another wind
123 players still have four days of battle ahead of them before the supreme title …
… including seven Blues still in the green

Karim Rebei, panache poker and big stack
8,500,000 (106 BBs)

A name that has been wandering around the top of the chip count for a week. A lifeguard we did not know, but who rolled his bump in the casinos of the five continents. Lives between Morocco and Dubai, Karim Rebei softened the regular tournaments in La Mamounia, had a six-figure appearance in Vegas at an MSPT Venetian and achieved the feat of winning a PSPC ticket by winning the London stage in 2018. This time he offers himself a day 6 of the Main Event, after a few high-flying turns. We saw him win a daring semi-bluff to take the chip lead, losing a merguez match in the middle of a bluff against the incorrigible MC Papo – definitely the hand of the day, maybe even the tournament – so return to the tournament locomotive by chaining good pots and lineups. An atypical profile that could well expand its habits at the top of the table in this Main Event. “I really realize that it’s a huge thank you for all the messages I get from my friends. They send me lots of encouragement, they vibrate a lot, maybe more than me, says Karim, coming out of “highlighted table “, where he boxed with Lococo all day. Tomorrow there will be even more excitement, but I’m not one to keep an eye on the tenants. I’m going to play poker. Maybe I make mistakes, I want set-ups, but I want to play the way I think I should play ”. – Faust

Matteo Cavelier, as an adult
6,150,000 (76BB)

Matteo Cavalier

To Matteo Cavelierthis day 5 was marked with a floating stamp, as has been the case since the start of the tournament: “I had 1.58 million to start and I finish at 6,150,000. Honestly, except for one big hit, it’s just been grind.” And in addition to raising chips, the Norman appreciated the atmosphere that prevailed at his table. “Kenny Tran, he’s amazing. The table was very friendly. Well, it didn’t fight much, I took advantage of it.” At the height of his 21 years (he celebrated them only a week ago!), Matteo qualified for this Main Event via a live satellite, played right after his birthday, and in any case kept more experienced opponents from . , and showed a nice table outfit. during the day. In any case, the native of Evreux is in the process of offering himself the most beautiful birthday present ‘… – Rootsah

Antoine Labat, who can beat him?
4,790,000 (59BB)


“It’s my anniversary!” Antoine Labatalso prolongs the pleasure of this Main Event, which he already has as a reminder deep-lying in 2018 and reached 9th place on a hit that has remained in the annals. “I had a good day. Inevitably I multiplied my stack by 4 [il termine à 4 790 000]. Well, I’m a little tired, because I was at 6.2 million and lost all traits in the last level. Especially the all-in, as has been the case for a year. ” The Parisian, never stingy with kind words (by the way thank you for helping us fill out our “bullshit quotes”) section), is in any case aiming for nothing but victory.“If I win the ten million, I’ll stop playing professional poker”says this complete player who explains how to play “a bit of everything, online and live. This week I also played at Bellagio for example.” At least he knows the way … – Rootsah

David Rothschild, in his new domain
4,485,000 (56BB)

David Rotschild

Pierre De Almeida’s stack (see below) could have been even bigger if David De Rotschild had not cut it a little. The two names partyed together through the end of day 4 and had the pleasure of meeting at the end of day 5. But this time the two Frenchmen did not hesitate to go to clash. Open from early position, called by De Almeida on the button and called by De Rotschild on BB. C-bet 200,000, called twice on flop A107 and the action heats up again on the Q-turn. Check out the first raiser, 350,000 at Almeida and 1 million at Rotschild, who will gather the pot on this powerful move. He will admit to his countryman that by this move he was in a bluff, not without irritating De Almeida, who will interpret this move as a blow from Trafalgar and thus open hostilities between countrymen. Come in gambling session before attacking his internship, David, despite his lack of experience, seems perfectly sharpened for the live performance and took advantage of his serious image and the rising excitement to place some bluffs, allowing him to put 4.4 million chips in the bag for day 6. “I do not have much experience, that’s true, but I still grinded well online. I’m pretty sure of my game, I know what I’m doing … If you write it, I’ll go on to the overconfident guy, David interrupts himself. But I’m playing my game. Now we’re just waiting for the stars to match ”. – Faust

Serge Chechin, received 20 out of 20
3,520,000 (44BB)

Serge Chechin

One hour before the end of day 5, Serge Chechin almost kept the speech from an already eliminated player. “Well, it’s still not bad, 3 ITM out of 4 entries in Main Event!” It’s true that with only ten blinds left after a failed bluff (opposite there was a full house), it’s hard not to project oneself into a negative future. And then the game resumed for one last little hour and those thoughts of defeat flew away. A first pair of 10s doubling against King-Jack … then a second pair of 10s not standing right up against a player trying to bluff with a high jack. Let’s do the math: two par 10s, giving a score of 20 out of 20 for the end of the day for the player from Mulhouse who grinds the circuit across Europe in his spare time. “I’m happy!”, he smiles as he packs 44 beautiful blinds. The tournament in Chechin was completely relaunched: we will be able to continue to observe the applied and patient strategy of the one who makes the property diagnosis in the civilian. – Benjo

Pierre De Almeida, last of the qualifiers
3,300,000 (43BB)

Pierre De Almeida

Last year, he wore a PMU sweatshirt, as a tribute to the space for which he long stood for the offer. This year, he presented himself with a Winamax sweatshirt, the venue where he got his ticket to the Main Event, for the modest sum of € 250. What does not change is his ability to deep run the biggest tournament in the world. For the second year in a row, Pierre De Almeida was actually on day 5 of the Main Event. The one that started as a full-time grinder passed the test this time with a significant stack. Beautiful token towers, which he explains in a word that is dear to Benoit Paire : “The chaaaatte”, an expression that Pierre tried to teach his American neighbors with some success. De Almeida in particular picked up speed on this blind defense in a 3-way shot. C-bet, called, called on the flop 589and check-raise from Pierre after 2-barrel off Asher Conniff. 1.1 million out of 325,000 who are paid. The river J will result in a check from the Frenchman, which can reveal his 103 after the opposite check-back. “The closer we get, the more we feel the pressure and the level of the tables increase, says the player as he puts his 42 blinds away for tomorrow. I have a hard time expressing my feelings so much that I am exhausted, but day 6 is really beautiful! Faust

Mikaël Guenni, prove that you exist
920,000 (11.5 BB)

Mikael Guenni

Short stack game, Mikael Guenni know how to do. While he only lost pawns on his return from the lunch break, anyone playing his 4th Main Event has been able to resist waiting for THE spot that is likely to bring him back into the game. And he arrived 30 minutes from the end of the day: After a UTG increase, Mikaël A discoversK with 360,000. 20 seconds later, his stack is called by King-Jack, and no Jack comes to bury his hopes. A happy ending to a day “complicated. I doubled early, so no games all day. Also lost a big pool with sets against profits.” But the most important thing is done for this typical live player: Pack chips for day 6. He returns with 920,000. – Rootsah

And the others?

James Hobbs

James Hobbs: 0 bracelets, 0 ITM WSOP, but … a chip leader status achieved during the second part of the day. The player from Kirkwood, Missouri enters the Top 100 with over 150 blinds


Hobbs is closely followed by Efthymia Litsou, a player based in New York State who is more used to “one-day” 500-ball tournaments than to this year’s poker marathon. Main Event: more than ever a machine to make dreams come true.

MC Papo

Stunning roller coasters, a mutant bluff and a colossal stack to end the day. That’s how rapper MC Papo continues his path to a back-to-back WSOP Main Event final table. Alejandro Lococo enters day 6 with the fourth stack.

Tzur Levy

Tzur Levy continues to climb the stairs of the international circuit with another ITM in a row in the biggest tournament. Otherwise more comprehensive this time. 6.4 million to the Israeli.

Kenny Tran

With 80 blinds, Kenny Tran is more than ever in the race to please all poker players who caught the virus in the mid-2000s, at the time of the great global boom: he was one of the most entertaining players with his style of play based on heroic calls and great features. Let’s see if he can adapt his strategy to the current trends on the last piece before the final …

Koray Aldemir

Koray Aldemir defends his title dearly. Success and talent were at the meeting on this day 5, which he crossed with a solid stack of 47 blinds

Chris Dasilva

Globetrotter from the mid-stakes circuit, Briton Chris Da Silva returns to day 6 with 45 BB


Another solid day for Johan Schumacher: Mickael Gathys protege packs 38 BBs

Dan Smith

The stack of cards for a long time owes Dan Smith’s survival in part to an unlikely confrontation between King-Queen and 8-2: in the TV table, the no less unlikely Zilong Zhan had paid all-in-push by the American, who represented all even 11 blinds. “What’s up, it’s the Main Event, and they’re playing like it’s the Lucky $ 777 tournament!” laughed a colleague from PokerGO. Smith returns in the saddle with 25 blinds

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